Season Pass Alternatives

The No-Pass Zone:

Think skipping the season pass is your ticket to freedom? Think again! 

The Game of Chance 🎲:

If you’re willing to roll the dice, we offer a handful (exactly 6 each) of “day pass” tickets per SSS event for a cool $150 each. But catch this, you’ve gotta win the lottery (literally) to claim one. Ashley will be the lucky charm drawing six names out of a hat two weeks before each bash. But spoiler alert, with more than 6 scrambling for tickets, many will end up with FOMO rather than fun.

The Real Talk 💬:

Honestly, we’re crossing our fingers and toes, hoping nobody jumps into this lottery game aiming to snag “day pass” tickets for a whopping $150 pop. 🚫💸

Here’s the real deal – our dream? Picture this: a haven bustling with fun-loving, radiant people soaking up the ultimate summer vibes of 2024. 🌞 Imagine lounging in the soft grass or spiking that volleyball in a spirited game of nude beach volleyball, surrounded by your newest, closest friends. For that kind of unforgettable summer to become reality, the season pass is the golden ticket. 🏐💫

The fewer season passes we sell, the more expensive the passes would need to be. So we tip the scales to sell 170 season passes. 

Lifestyle Event Cost Breakdown 📊:

2024 is here, and my wallet definitely feels it 😬. From climbing clubhouse rent to giving our fantastic staff the raises they deserve, every corner we turn, prices are on the up!

Case in point: the other night, Mrs. YCP and I hit up a bar for some chill time—just us and a pair of drinks 🍹. No fancy meals, not even a side of fries. And yet, the tab hit us with a whopping $50 after tipping! It’s like you can’t step out for a bit of fun without dropping at least a Benjamin 💸.

Let’s talk numbers in the lifestyle world:

YCP’s hotel takeovers are $495 for a weekend. 

And then, there’s the infamous Naughty In N’Awlins; setting you back around $1200 for a three-night extravaganza 🎉.

If you’re dreaming bigger, picture this – lounging in sunny Jamaica at Hedonism, a paradise of a resort, where 6 nights of bliss will cost you about $5000 🌴.

We hope that creates some context for 2024 costs. Remember that the season pass not only includes the nine Sexy, Sunny, Saturday events but two free Friday night parties as well.  

Tomorrow’s the big day, with 170 couples and single ladies snagging their season passes. The real question – are you going to jump in and be one of the lucky ones? 🎟️

Info Rollout Schedule

✨ Sunday: ☀️


Gear up to blast into a summer that’ll be etched in your memories forever. We’re rolling out the red carpet for “Sexy, Sunny, Saturday” – an event set to revolutionize the essence of summer vibes! This isn’t just another summer bash; it’s a chapter waiting to be written, and trust us, you’ll want to be the protagonist, not just another listener.



We’re laying it all out – the who, what, when, and where, topped with the juicy insider info that’ll have you talking! Get ready to be in the know on how we’re keeping things smooth and enjoyable for everyone.

Tuesday: 💳


We’re talking easy breezy Payment Plans and tackling all those FAQs keeping you awake – yes, we know the excitement is real! 

Today!: 🎫 Catch the scoop on the alternatives to the season pass. Hint – it’s going to be obvious that you should just buy the pass. 

Thrilling Thursday: 🎉 The moment has arrived – Season Pass Sales Go Live! Secure your pass to a summer brimming with back-to-back hits and non-stop fun. Missing out just isn’t in the cards!

💥 Wave goodbye to FOMO and usher in a season of legendary tales and memories. Keep it laid-back, but make some noise. Spread the word, hatch those plans, because every moment skipped is a story that stays untold. Are you geared up to be the legend of your own summer saga? Catch you tomorrow at noon!


“SSS is one of the best things about YCP. Rain or shine it’s always a good time. We love everything about the SSS parties.”

– Tom

“We love SSS parties because it’s a fun pool party with the most chill atmosphere and you wear as much or as little clothing as you want! Take a dip in the pools, play volleyball, or just lounge in the yard, all while surrounded by a great group of people.”

– Liz