Welcome to YCP. We’re glad you’re here!

Please, do not fill out the form below unless you’ve read the text below.

What is YCP

YCP is a swinger club for couples and single females between the ages of 21-42.

“Swinger” is a bit of an outdated term, but that’s the word most people use when doing an internet search for groups like ours.

You may prefer to think of yourself as “sex-positive” or “consensually non-monogamous.” Of course, many of our members are polyamorous, and some are even monogamous! Whatever you’re into, we are so happy you’re here.


There are several “in-person” and “virtual” events per month.

The “live events” are in an actual swinger club with an indoor pool, hot tub, dance floor, etc.

The virtual events occur almost every day of the week. There are HIIT exercise classes, Yoga classes, Men’s Lap Dance classes, Ladies Lap Dance classes, Twerk dance classes, Trivia Night (Talk Sex), and quarterly education seminars featuring world-class experts.

I know all of that sounds a little “over the top” (exercise classes, education seminars, really?), and it is. There is no other group in the world with these kinds of opportunities to meet friends, find dates, learn or get fit as YCP has.

Many of our members only attend in-person swinger parties, while others also take full advantage of all the online offerings. It’s up to you.


We are a membership-based club. Membership is all about safety. We cannot allow the general public to see event locations or dates. We keep the event location on a “need-to-know basis,” and only attendees/members need to know.

To become a member, couples or single females between the ages of 21-42 fill out the application at the bottom of this page. Pay particular attention to the “tell us about you” section.

After you submit, YCP will email you a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). You’ll READ and SIGN the NDA. Then we will send you a text message and walk you through the ID verification process.

Verifying your identity lets us know if you signed the non-disclosure agreement honestly or if you’re just a lazy reporter who wants to do a story on “swingers and covid” and jeopardize the identity of all of our members.

Or if you’re a busybody who wants access to the social media to see who in their neighborhood is in the lifestyle – knowing that the person filled out the form with accurate information, let us know that they are sincere.

Once you’ve:
1. Applied (bottom of this page)
2. Signed the NDA
3. Verified your ID

We will then send you another webpage with everything you need to know about YCP, including membership levels and cost.

Then you’ll have all the facts and can decide if you’d like to become a member or not.

Young Couples Party is where over 350 non-monogamous people between the ages of 21-42 can feel sexy, safe, and free.

They feel free because they are safe.

Because you’re on “this side” of the membership process, you’re undoubtedly nervous. That’s understandable.

If you were already a member, you’d want the hosts to protect you by carefully vetting all new members. This process does exactly that.

Apply below…