About The Chicago Lifestyle Club


Young people are dramatically underrepresented at all lifestyle events or parties, even Chicago lifestyle clubs. Young Couples Parties limits the ages at our events to between 21 and 42 years of age. That way you’re much more likely to find people you’re attracted to, share common interests with and won’t feel self conscious.


The Events

It’s not just the ages that make Young Couples Party events feel more comfortable for young swingers in Illinois. It’s the parties themselves. One example of this is speed dating. At each event, we have everyone go to their pre-assigned, numbered dots, and we begin. Each couple or single female spends 3-minutes talking to another and then moving. That way even the biggest wallflower leaves the event having made several new friends. It’s only about 45-minutes of a six-hour party, but it makes all the difference, and it’s something only we can do because everyone is roughly the same age.


The Purpose

“There is no way I’m getting naked around a man 40 years older than me!” – A 21-year old YCP member in a thank you email.

That’s exactly it. The purpose of YCP isn’t to keep “older people out” but to get “younger people in.”

For most people, attending a swinger club for the first time is scary. That’s true for everyone when they start, and most people do not even begin the lifestyle until their 40’s! Now imagine what it’s like to be 21-30 years old and attending for the first time?

We’ve been attending events for years, and while the local clubs and parties are great, they all have an older crowd. What troubled us, however, is that they seemed to be getting older. We’d often see a young couple in their 20’s walk into a party, not see anyone who looked like them, and immediately walk out. It was heartbreaking to us because we knew if they’d stick around long enough to experience it, they’d love it. We knew we had to do something.

In other words, maybe that 21-year old YCP member would eventually be comfortable partying in front of a man 40 years older than her, but she’s not going to be comfortable doing that at her very first event.

In the “vanilla” world, we both work in public policy. We know that to get an under-represented group to an event, you have to hold an event for only that group. For example, if you want first-generation immigrants from Central America to attend a meeting about vaccinations, you don’t just open the event to the general public and expect new immigrants to attend. Instead, if you value the attendance of that group, you hold a meeting just for them, and specifically, invite them. That way they will know they won’t be sitting with a group of native English speakers and feeling like outcasts.


Complete Transparency

One of the things we’re proud of at Young Couples Party is the transparency in ticketing and attendance. People attend parties to meet other people; therefore having a realistic sense of who is coming is essential. The people, for lack of a better word, are the product.

Have you ever RSVP’d to an event and then later changed your mind? Of course, you have! Unpaid RSVPs are meaningless.

We are the only event where everyone you see on the “Who is Going” page has purchased a non-refundable ticket. So if they change their mind and don’t attend, they are walking away from anywhere between $40 to $80. Therefore our show rate is around 90%. You never have to ask us how many people are attending, and we never have to promote our events using hyperbole phrases like “this event is blowing up.”


Commitment to Customer Service

Our goal is to get young couples in clubs. We feel that sex is a very positive thing, and that sexual freedom and sexual expression is a fundamental human right. Therefore everything we do is to help you get over the nerves of attending an event. We think your life is going to be better if you do. 

If you email, call, or text, we will respond right away. If you want to ask us dozens of questions and exchange countless emails, we will be happy to answer all of your questions thoroughly.

One quick note about that. Please do not ask us if you can attend if you’re over 42, or participate as a single male. We never waiver from our policies. We are, however, happy to make club recommendations for you. Your party options as a single male or person over 42 are plentiful in the area.

We’re not doing this for the money. YCP is something we do to “give back” to the lifestyle community, which is something we love very much. You’re going to love it too. We can’t wait to party with you.