Payment Plan Information and FAQ

Get Ready for a Sizzling Summer with Our Season Pass! 🌞

Hey Sunshine Lovers! You’re probably buzzing with curiosity about the price of your exclusive season pass. Hang tight! All will be revealed this Thursday.

But today, let’s chat about the nitty-gritty of how you snag your summer-long ticket to fun – the season pass payment deets.

Here’s the scoop:

  • Season Pass Sale: Mark your calendars! The sale kicks off this Thursday.
  • Payment Plan: We’ve got you covered with a super simple payment plan.
  • First Payment: Catch the wave starting this Thursday!
  • Second Payment: April 21st – keep the vibe going!
  • Final Payment: May 21st – and just like that, you’re all set to party from June through September. Say goodbye to payment worries and hello to endless fun!

Think about it – no last-minute rushes or sold-out blues. Remember YCP’s 2000’s party that sold out today? Meaning anyone who didn’t already get a ticket cannot attend? That won’t happen to you this summer if you have the season pass.

With all payments wrapped up three weeks before kickoff, you’re guaranteed a stress-free, sun-kissed summer.

We’re doing this because we want you to live it up, worry-free. Now, onto some burning questions:

  • Why not sell single tickets? Honestly? We crave a scene buzzing with energetic, fun-loving peeps soaking up the best of summer. Individual tickets might mean more $$, but we’d rather pack the place with awesome yous.

  • Can I just pay all at once? We’re all about equal vibes and smooth sailing; payments are split over three months for everyone.

  • Where does the magic happen? Same spot as our Friday night shindigs, just a stone’s throw (15 minutes) from Aurora, Illinois.

  • Season Pass Price? Hold your horses! You’ll find out on Thursday.

  • Refund Policy? Commitment is key – no refunds, folks.

  • Stopped Payments? No pay, no play. Simple.

  • Lost your bikini top? Chances are, you might at our party, but wait until after June 5 to check with us again. 😉

  • Newbies wondering if you can jump in? Absolutely, but remember, YCP isn’t for everyone. You’re booking a future of fun – make sure you’re all in.

  • Billing Details? Look out for “YCP Party” on your statement via Paypal – easy peasy.

  • Worried about sunburn? We’re all for fun under the sun, but sunscreen is on you, party people!

Can’t wait to see you soaking up the vibe and living your best life with us! 🌴💦

Info Rollout Schedule

Yesterday: ☀️ Link here in case you missed it!

Gear up to blast into a summer that’ll be etched in your memories forever. We’re rolling out the red carpet for “Sexy, Sunny, Saturday” – an event set to revolutionize the essence of summer vibes! This isn’t just another summer bash; it’s a chapter waiting to be written, and trust us, you’ll want to be the protagonist, not just another listener.

Monday!:Link here in case you missed it.

We’re laying it all out – the who, what, when, and where, topped with the juicy insider info that’ll have you talking! Get ready to be in the know on how we’re keeping things smooth and enjoyable for everyone.

Today!: 💳 We’re talking easy breezy Payment Plans and tackling all those FAQs keeping you awake – yes, we know the excitement is real! 

Wildcard Wednesday: 🎫 Catch the scoop on the alternatives to the season pass. Hint – it’s going to be obvious that you should just buy the pass. 

Thrilling Thursday: 🎉 The moment has arrived – Season Pass Sales Go Live! Secure your pass to a summer brimming with back-to-back hits and non-stop fun. Missing out just isn’t in the cards!

💥 Wave goodbye to FOMO and usher in a season of legendary tales and memories. Keep it laid-back, but make some noise. Spread the word, hatch those plans, because every moment skipped is a story that stays untold. Are you geared up to be the legend of your own summer saga? Catch you tomorrow at noon!


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Going to the Sexy Summer Saturday parties is one of the reasons I look forward to Summer! The vibe during SSS is chill, day drinking, and of course play is always available. You get to lounge around in your swim wear, or for us bold people be free of clothes for an even tan. Can not wait to take a dip in the pool. Hope I’ll see yall there.

– Nia

Sexy Sunny Saturday parties are like going on vacation with all your best friends. Lounging pool side, volleyball, games, laughs, and smiles. Summer wouldn’t be complete without Sexy Summer Saturday’s.

– Nathan