Dates, Times, and Policies

Gear up for the ultimate summer adventure with our 2024 Sexy, Sunny, Saturday series! This year, we’re bringing you not one, not two, but NINE electrifying events that are set to make your summer unforgettable. 🌞

Circle these dates in your calendar:

  • June 1st
  • June 8th
  • June 22nd
  • June 29th
  • July 20th
  • July 27th
  • August 10th
  • August 24th
  • September 7th

And here’s a little cherry on top: Your season pass doesn’t just unlock these nine events; it also grants you FREE access to two Friday night bashes. That’s a grand total of ELEVEN epic gatherings from June through September!

At such an unbeatable price, snagging a season pass is the smoothest move you could make. Even if your schedule is packed and you can only join us for a couple of these sizzling Saturdays, the value is undeniable.

But wait—there’s more! FOUR of these events perfectly follow our Friday night shindigs, so you can keep the energy high and the good times rolling all weekend. Plus, overnight stays at our clubhouse are on us. It’s like enjoying a mini hotel takeover, splashed across your summer months. 🥳

Here’s the lowdown:

Time: Kick-off is at 10 am, winding down at 5 pm. Be sure to drop in by 1:30 pm to catch all the fun.

Where: The clubhouse transforms into your personal playground for the day!

Food: We’ll have tasty eats all afternoon. Feel free to bring along some snacks to share—it’s the perfect conversation starter.

Party Must-Haves: We’re stocked with mixers, cups, ice, and water bottles, just like our Friday festivities.

Games & Activities: Ready to get your game on? Whether you’re in it to win it or cheering from the sidelines, it’s guaranteed fun.

Rain or Shine: Our vibes are waterproof. We’ve got covered spaces to keep the party pumping, no matter what Mother Nature has in store.

Dress Code: Clothes are optional (but keep it in the backyard 😉). This is your chance to celebrate freedom in true summer style.

Missing out on these events? Now that would be the real summer bummer. Forget the fear of missing out—dive headfirst into a season packed with stories, connections, and experiences waiting to unfold.

Info Rollout Schedule

Yesterday: ☀️ Link here in case you missed it!

Gear up to blast into a summer that’ll be etched in your memories forever. We’re rolling out the red carpet for “Sexy, Sunny, Saturday” – an event set to revolutionize the essence of summer vibes! This isn’t just another summer bash; it’s a chapter waiting to be written, and trust us, you’ll want to be the protagonist, not just another listener.

Today!: ⏰ We’re laying it all out – the who, what, when, and where, topped with the juicy insider info that’ll have you talking! Get ready to be in the know on how we’re keeping things smooth and enjoyable for everyone.

Turn-Up Tuesday: 💳 We’re talking easy breezy Payment Plans and tackling all those FAQs keeping you awake – yes, we know the excitement is real! 

Wildcard Wednesday: 🎫 Catch the scoop on the alternatives to the season pass. Hint – it’s going to be obvious that you should just buy the pass. 

Thrilling Thursday: 🎉 The moment has arrived – Season Pass Sales Go Live! Secure your pass to a summer brimming with back-to-back hits and non-stop fun. Missing out just isn’t in the cards!

💥 Wave goodbye to FOMO and usher in a season of legendary tales and memories. Keep it laid-back, but make some noise. Spread the word, hatch those plans, because every moment skipped is a story that stays untold. Are you geared up to be the legend of your own summer saga? Catch you tomorrow at noon!


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“Imagine relaxing & sunbathing while being surrounded by beautiful naked people. On your right, there’s an orgy happening on the grass. On your left, there are couples talking and laughing. In front of you, there is a sexy sand volleyball game. It simply is wonderful. This is what the SSS parties are like and why I love attending them.”

– David

“The summer party vibe is casual, sexy and social. Lounging with friends, naked, in the middle of the day with access to a pool, volleyball, and sunkissed skin. What more could you ask for? Oh, and rain orgies!”

– Carlos & Crystal