Chicago Area Swinger Club Exclusively for Couples Ages 21-42

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We’ve been right where you are now. You’re looking for a Chicago swinger club to meet like-minded people you find attractive, but are likely a little nervous.

Whether you call them swinger clubs, lifestyle clubs, or sex-positive clubs, you may be wondering what they are like? Are they full of single men? Is everyone much older than you? Will you “stick out” because you are in your 20’s or 30’s?

We created Young Couples Party because we had those same fears when we started.

Young Couples Party was created specifically for you. We are a Chicago swinger club where everyone is between 21-42 years of age, and we never allow single men.

The world is far different now than when we started Young Couples Party. We’re only hosting events with covid in mind, which means people are socially distancing and wearing masks when indoors and unable to social distance.

You may be wondering, “yeah, right, a Chicago Swinger Club that’s covid safe?”

Yes, really.

You see, our members are friends. It may have been a desire to be consensually non-monogamous that brought them together, but it’s a friendship that keeps them coming back. Bonds that do not end because of Covid.

We currently have two covid-safe events:

An outdoor, “Sexy, Sunny, Saturday” event in a two-acre backyard, and socially-distanced. There are laughs, smiles, conversation, and everything else humans need to be healthy but at a safe distance. This event is only open to returning YCP attendees.

Another event is a “meet and greet” at a suburban restaurant. This is the event where prospective members can attend and see what YCP is all about. Then you’re welcome to join our other event, mentioned above.

We invite you to read the rest of the website and consider becoming a member of this Chicagoland Swinger Club.

Welcome to Young Couples Party, you’ll be comfortable 10 minutes after walking in the door and your life will never be the same!


We were nervous at our first YCP event but found everyone to be friendly and the nerves faded quickly. We had an amazing time! Since then we have attended nearly every event. We have made a ton of friends that we talk to regularly outside of the parties now, and love the people.

D & K ages 28 and 26

YCP is one of the hottest parties we have ever been to. So many sexy people in such an erotic venue made for a thrilling night. We can’t wait to return!

G & A ages 35 and 30

YCP has made me feel a level of comfort unlike any other lifestyle event I’ve attended. The respect coming from every single person I’ve met is incredible. YCP has given me more confidence in myself as a unicorn. I love it and look forward to every party knowing I will leave happy and sexually satisfied. : )

M, a unicorn age 28

We’ve been to several area parties and YCP has the hottest people, best personalities and the greatest parties! Always a good time and at a reasonable cost. What’s not to love?

Z & C ages 26

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