Shameless Care 

Huge YCP party discount

Young Couples Party (YCP) is an extraordinary community; you will make it even better!

There is nothing else like YCP. With a thriving online community, exercise classes, weekly trivia games, and over 40 live events per year.

Every detail is unique and proactively cares for each member – like consent training for new members through an instructional video. 

Another way that YCP is unique is its partnership with Shameless Care, a telemedicine company specifically for the swinger lifestyle.

That partnership exists because our members are sophisticated, and care deeply about thier own health and the health of thier freinds. 

Why would the swinger lifestyle need its own telemedicine company?

Two reasons:

Most STD testing is incomplete.

Most people have unprotected oral sex, and oral bacterial infections spread easily, are often asymptomatic, and detected through a throat swab test.

However, think about your last “complete” std panel.

You had your blood drawn.

You gave a urine test, but the odds are low that anyone swabbed your throat.

No throat swab = ineffective STD test.

Shameless Care addresses this glaring deficiency in the medical community.

You will benefit from ED medication

You will almost certainly not be able to get an erection when swinging without ED medication.

Swinger sex is not regular sex. You’re in a strange environment with someone you met only an hour earlier. You can hear dance music and random conversations, and people may be watching you.

Condoms themselves add a layer of complexity, where your brain must snap out of the primitive reflex of penetration to the rathe academic process of finding, upwrapping and applying a condom. 

Oh, and your partner may be getting fucked right beside you.

That’s not a situation your cock has a fighting chance. Even if you’re young, very healthy, and never experienced ED before, it will happen at a swinger club.

For this reason, virtually everyone in the swinger lifestyle uses ED medication. According to a recent poll, 96% of YCP members have a prescription and use medication.

How can you use Shameless Care?
Feel free to buy STD tests from Shameless Care, or simply screenshot the recommended complete panel and show that to your doctor. We just want you to begin getting quality testing; where you obtain it doesn’t matter to us.

You SHOULD immediately sign up for Shameless Care’s Ed medication. You won’t find it cheaper, not even from your physician and local pharmacy – unless you do not value your time.

You can use coupon code newycp to get $40 off your first three months of medication. This makes the cost only $3.22 per tablet, including your online medical exam, prescription, and shipping. That deal is ONLY available to YCP members and only within your first week of membership.

Ashley (YCP staff) will also make your first party coupon 50% off rather than the typical $20 if you sign up for Shameless Care’s Ed medication. As always, you can reach Ashley at 219-292-7266

So that’s 50% off of your first YCP party, and $30 off your first quarter of medication. You’ll be on a level playing field with everyone else, and feel more confident at lifestyle events.