Social Media

Today, we will discuss the social media component of your club.

Again, I want to re-emphasize that you joined a social club and not a website. Although the website is most likely the best swinger lifestyle website in the nation, it’s the least important part of YCP. 

Speaking of, this link took you to Now that you’re a member, you’ll do everything else (event tickets, social media, etc.) on an entirely different website

There are two websites for safety reasons. is the “sales” website for the club, whereas is behind a paywall, that only members who have gone through the same process as you (ID validation, NDA, etc) have access to, and it’s blocked by all search engines for added protection. 

Social media themes

With that said, here are the ways people interact on the website and some basic rules.

While people can post virtually anything they want on any day, there are themes for each day of the week. 

Mondays = Man Up Mondays

It’s time for men to strut their stuff.

Tuesdays = Titty Tuesday


Wednesday = Hump Day


Thursday = Meme Day

It’s the only day of the week memes are allowed

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday = no particular theme

Social Media Rules


While the rest of these rules are reasonably forgivable in most cases, the things covered by the NDA are not. There will be legal consequences if you violate the NDA. Here is a copy of that agreement.


Do not post images with non-members who are nude or in a sexual situation. This rule applies even if you’ve censored them or if the picture doesn’t show their face.  


Memes are only allowed on Thursdays. Please only post once. 


Nudity is allowed, with just a few exceptions. Dicks and semen are only permitted in some greater context. I.e., a whole-body shot or with a partner. Please do not post the classic “dick pic” on the hub – post in the private group. 

Post deletions 

If a moderator removes your photograph, do not lash out. No one got a thrill out of deleting your pic; moderating is a shitty gig. Our moderator team are volunteers. Everyone forgets about deleting your image 5 minutes later unless the person has a mean response. 

Offended or argumentative 

If something in the group has offended you, do not respond argumentatively. Try to scroll past and forget it. Shoot Robert a DM if something is too offensive to ignore.  

Promoting or reviewing other lifestyle events, your business, promotions, or your own party 

Please do not promote other lifestyle events.

Do not review other groups or events. These are sometimes negative, and this isn’t the appropriate venue to discuss how much or liked or hated another event. 

You can ask for dates in the group. E.g. “The Mrs. and I are free Saturday night. Would anyone like to go dancing?” 

However, you cannot promote an organized event on the same day as a YCP event. For example, “The Mrs. and I aren’t attending YCP’s Pin-Up Party but would like to invite all of you to our favorite bar.”

Promote your business/hobby only in the private business group.  Only post once per month about your business. For example, “I have eight openings at my CrossFit gym. I do HVAC – does anyone need a new central air unit?”

Family Pictures

Do not include pictures that include your children. 

Dick Pictures

Post dick pictures only in the private group.  Do not post on the main hub.