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Are you new, but don’t think you’re ready for a party?

We had the exact same thought when we started in this lifestyle over ten years ago. Meeting people online seemed safe, whereas attending a party seemed like an advanced step. Now we realize it’s exactly the opposite. 

Meeting people at parties is by far the best way to meet couples. Here’s why:

Meeting online can get really awkward.
Let’s say you contact a couple online, they reply and everyone agrees to meet. Here is where it starts to get even trickier. When two couples meet, there are 4 people who must be attracted to each other for any sexual activity to take place. And 9 times out of 10 that is not going to happen.

This means you get to tell a couple over dessert that they aren’t getting laid that night.

“Sorry, but we just don’t find you attractive now that we’ve met you.” Are you REALLY ready to have that conversation? Are you REALLY ready to hear that when you’re excited and thought the date went  so well?

Meeting other couples one-on-one isn’t less stressful, it’s much more stressful. 

When you’ve met at a party, you just mingle away casually if you aren’t interested.

Attending a party is more efficient.
Meeting people online is huge time commitment. And most of the time you’ll realize the attraction isn’t there once you see them in person. 

At a Young Couples Party event, you will meet at least 12 couples just during speed dating! When you meet a couple in person, you’ll know instantly if there is chemistry or not. It’s not just safer, it’s more efficient.

Everyone at YCP already knows the things listed above.

So if you plan on using the site as a dating site, I’m afraid you’re just not going to get a lot out of it. You can be the most attractive couple in history, but you most likely won’t find anyone to date you by your profile alone. 

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