Remember, the member’s site is You’re reading this on the public website (, but you’ll need to log into to see your fellow club members, and purchase tickets, etc. 

Welcome to your club! 

Young Couples Party is a social club. A club that has very little to do with the hosts or even the building. It’s all about the members, which now include you.

When YCP began in 2016, we were lucky to have 25 amazing couples attend that first event. In all of our years of attending lifestyle events as hosts, we’d never met more incredible people than the people who signed up for the first-ever YCP party. 

We were so fortunate that THOSE PEOPLE were the ones who showed up because “like attracts like,” and it’s maintained the same atmosphere ever since. 

People join YCP and are shocked by what they see. 

They aren’t surprised by the sex but by how carefree and happy people are. People are smiling, laughing, and loving each other unconditionally. Even on the social media component, you’ll never see any negativity. 

That is so unusual that it’s easy to think that’s not the normal human condition. That there’s something magical about YCP. On the contrary, humans have always had tribes where people get along, help each other and love each other. That’s our natural condition. It’s why it feels so comfortable and welcoming at the clubhouse or on the website. 

Here’s what you should know today:

  1. You can download this e-book about a couple’s first trip to YCP. It’s informative and sexy. This sentence is a hyperlink to download. 
  2. Please, ask questions of the group on the hub. Nothing is off-limits, and people love to help others.
  3. You don’t have to fear the toxicity you encounter on other websites or social media platforms. You will find nothing but love and respect amongst YCP members.
  4. For being a new member you get 2 offers to save some money on your first party. Option 1: Check out our partner company Shameless Care for ED Meds or STD testing. Purchase from Shameless Care and get 50% off your first YCP party – code expires in a year!

    Option 2: Get $20 off your first party if you buy within 7 days of becoming a member.

  5. Please don’t start blasting people’s profiles with date offers. Our members know that parties are a far superior way to meet people and most likely won’t take you up on your offer. Sign up for a party (when you can) and use social media to augment your party experience.

See you tomorrow!