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  • What is Young Couples Party?

    YCP is a swinger club for couples and single females between the ages of 21-42.

    Despite the use of “swinger,” many of our members are polyamorous, and some are even monogamous.

    There is an actual “club” where we hold parties twice per month. This club has a dance floor, indoor pool, hot tub, and 16 beds at a large rented estate in the suburbs. YCP doesn’t own this property, so the location is subject to change.

    But we also mean “club” as in a group of people who socialize together. There are hundreds (literally) of online events per year.

    One of the things beginners quickly learn about the “lifestyle” is that it’s not just about sex. You may be surprised to learn that within a few short months, some of your best friends may be those you met at YCP.


    Who attends Young Couples Party?

    Everyone is between 21-42 years of age.

    On average: The racial demographics mirror the Chicagoland region as a whole which are 53% white, 22% Latino, 17% African American, 6.4% Asian and 2% other. This is always slightly different based upon the event, but we are proud of the fact that our racial diversity mirrors the region.

    Also on average 95% of our attendees are couples and 5% are single females. No single males are allowed.

    Some of the attendees consider themselves polyamorous, others as “swingers” and still others are simply “sex-positive” that is they like being around other people who see sex as a positive experience, and not something to feel guilty about.


    What separates YCP from other events?

    While other events have an average age of at least 20 years older than YCP, we would argue that age is the least profound difference. 

    YCP is much more of a community than anything we’ve ever experienced in the swinger lifestyle. YCP is also the only “Lifestyle” group in the world with:

    • Education seminars (quarterly)
    • Exercise classes (weekly)
    • Twerk, lap dance, and even pole dance workshops (weekly)
    • Triva (weekly)
    • A thriving social media component

    And let’s not forget, two in-person events per month with speed dating, an indoor pool, hot tub, dance floor and 16 beds.

    There is no substitution for a cold drink and conversation.


    Is Young Couples Party safe?

    When people think about swinger club safety, they are wondering about two things. 

    #1. Issues with consent/touching, etc.
    #2. Discretion.

    AT YCP, we take consent extremely seriously. All new members watch an instructional video on consent during their new-member tour. That video describes our policy of “explicit consent.” 

    “Explicit consent means to ask before touching AT ALL, and then asking again as things may escalate.

    For example, ask before touching someone’s hips on the dance floor. If that is going well and you’d like to escalate to touching somewhere else, you ask again. Same for kissing. Same for touching breasts. Etc.

    No one touches anyone, at all, at YCP without asking. 

    Rules like these are why we don’t let people just come to “try” the event before joining.

    Your identity at YCP is protected by the non-disclosure agreement and the identification verification system. We have judges, teachers, police officers, politicians, divorced parents with a vindictive ex-spouse, etc.

    Almost no one wants their identity compromised. That’s why we have the processes in place that we do. 

    In five years of hosting, we’ve never had anyone “out”  anyone.


    How do I become a member?

    Potential members fill out an application, read and sign the non-disclosure agreement and verify their identity. You’ve already done those things or you wouldn’t be reading this webpage. 

    If you agree with the things on this webpage, you fill out the form below. Then we approve your application, which allows you to log onto the website.

    At that point, you are still not a member.

    You only become a member when you purchase either a Bronze or Silver level membership.

    So again, the steps are:

    1. Fill out the application (done)

    2. Submit ID for verification (done)

    3. Read and sign the non-disclosure agreements (done)

    4. Read this webpage and fill out form below (you’re doing this now)

    5. We approve your application (future step)

    6. You purchase a membership (future step)

    7. You post a face pic on the wall and say hello to everyone. (future step)


    What does a YCP membership entail?

    Membership is all about safety. We cannot allow the general public to see event locations or dates.

    We keep the event location on a “need-to-know basis,” and only attendees/members need to know.


    Why do you have to be a member to attend events?

    Before this membership-based site, we had a secret Facebook group for five years. Couples had to attend an event to become a member of that group. We removed inactive members every six months.

    During that process, we learned that many people had broken up with their partner and were now “single men” in the group. Or some couples had decided the lifestyle just wasn’t for them but were still in the group, able to see all the new members, upcoming event locations, etc.

    We have a membership fee for safety reasons. When someone is not going to be attending anymore, like they broke up with their partner and are no longer a “couple,” they will unsubscribe from the site to avoid the monthly payment. When they unsubscribe, they instantly lose access to information.


    How much is the membership fee?

    As a new member, you are eligible for Bronze or Silver. 

    The fees are:

    Bronze – $13.99 per month

    Silver – $29.99 per month

    What’s included in the membership.

    Bronze includes access to the social media section of the website, with a profile, wall, albums, private messaging. It also allows you to see the in-person and virtual event dates and purchase tickets to those events.  

    One event is complimentary with the Bronze level and that is the weekly “Talk Sex (trivia).”

    Silver includes everything Bronze offers, plus includes all virtual events (workshops, education seminars, parties, etc.) complementary.  Silver members also receive $10.00 off of every in-person event. 


    What is social media like?

    It’s basically like Facebook, with profiles, a wall, private messaging, albums, etc. Only unlike Facebook, it’s 100% secure and uncensored. 

    All users of the social media component show their faces. Allowing a member to remain completely anonymous while everyone else shows their face would be akin to simply allowing someone to observe a swinger party by peeking through the window. You’d be creeping everyone out. 

    Everyone is safer when everyone has skin in the game.  

    In five years of operating YCP, we’ve never once had an issue with our member’s safety or security. No other party or group has as intense of an admission process as YCPS.  

    Do you have to be a member for a certain length of time?

    No, if a couple decides YCP isn’t for them, we want them to unsubscribe and leave the group. That’s why there is a membership fee in the first place. The membership fees for Bronze level members don’t even pay for the website building and maintenance costs. It is a mechanism by which people will actively make a decision to leave the group if they aren’t “feeling it.”

    However, it does bill monthly, and we expect that you’ll stick around indefinitely. In other words, it doesn’t do much good from a safety standpoint to have couples coming and going.


    Why can’t you let me attend an event and see if we like it?

    Imagine if you were one of our existing members. Would you want random strangers sneaking in to take a peek? Of course not.