Thank you for applying to become a member of Young Couples Party (YCP). We’re sure you’re a very cool couple or single female, and we’re excited to have you join the fun! 

I’ll level with you. We’re seeing if you’re reading the information we’re sending you. If you read this entire webpage, you’ll know what’s happening and how to initiate the next step. 

We have 300 couples who are members. Those existing members depend on us to keep them safe. How can we let in a new member who is too lazy to read? How could someone unwilling to spend 5 minutes reading follow club rules? 

Here are the steps to membership. 

Don’t worry; most couples get through all of these steps within 30-minutes. It depends upon how quickly you’re responding. 

  1. Application (You’re done with this step! Yeah!)
  2. READ and sign the NDAs (they are in your email)
  3. Verify that you used your real names (I’m ready when you are)

After you’ve signed the NDAs and verified the IDs, we send you an informational webpage that tells you practically everything you need to know about YCP. Then you can decide if you’d like to be a member or not. 

Now, how do we verify those identifications? 

We use a system called It’s a third party, secure and encrypted system. YCP does not store your identification.

After you submit your form, we send two links in a text—one for each partner.

The owner of YCP looks at the images to confirm their legitimacy. 

Reply to the texts you’ve been receiving with “we’re ready,” and I’ll send you two links from 

You will need your smartphone, both applicants (or just you if you’re a single female), and your state ID. 

Verifying your identity lets us know if you signed the non-disclosure agreement or if you’re just a lazy reporter who wants to do a story on “swingers and covid” and jeopardize the identity of all of our members. Or if you’re a busybody who wants access to the social media to see who in their neighborhood is in the lifestyle – knowing that the person filled out the form with accurate information, let us know that they are sincere.