Not Ready to Swing?

Young Couples Party events are definitely swinger/lifestyle parties. It’s hard to quantify how many people have sex on premise, but there are 16 beds and all are well used during the evening.

However, what if you and your partner aren’t swingers?

If you and your partner are reading this, just register for the party and attend. HA! Literally nothing bad can happen. You aren’t quite ready for the lifestyle yet, and maybe you never will be, that’s perfectly normal and accepted at Young Couples Party events.

You can think of the party like a nightclub, only people can have sex on premise if they choose to. People can also watch people have sex, if they choose to. Going there doesn’t mean that you are in the lifestyle or even seriously considering it. It only means that you want a good time.

You can stay completely clothed and avoid the sex “playrooms” altogether if you wish. You’ll still have the time of your life hanging around with all of these fun, sexy people!

Some non-swinging couples worry that other couples in attendance will think that they are “leading people on” by being there. Absolutely not! There are always several couples just checking things out.

The only negative that could come of the evening is if there is any jealously in your relationship regarding seeing attractive people, some of them may be nude. I tell people that if they can handle going to a strip club or watching pornography together, they shouldn’t have any problems at a Young Couples Party event. There is definitely going to be a lot of nudity and PDA.

It’s rare that people get propositioned without some flirting build up first, but if that happens to you, a polite “no thank you” will suffice. If anything it’s flattering when it happens.

Speed dating is a part of our events that worries new couples. No need to be worried. You spend three minutes talking with (depending upon time) 10-15 couples. That’s hardly enough time to exchange names and maybe tell an anecdote or two. It’s really designed to eliminate cliques at the party. You’re guaranteed to meet new people at each event, then when speed dating is over, you’ll know some friendly faces to converse with. It’s definitely not a make out session or any other type of foreplay.

Some people worry about discretion. Makes sense..who wants to be outed as a swinger before they are even a swinger! HAHA!

It’s possible that you might attend a party and see someone you know. If that happens you can take comfort in the fact that they will be as horrified as you. Our club is in a rural setting, no one can see you enter from the road or know why, or what, you’re doing there. In fact, the only people who know it’s a swinger club are people who have been there because it’s a swinger club.

We’ve been in the lifestyle for 11 years and we’ve never had an issue with discretion. The people you meet at clubs ALL have something to lose. There are doctors, teachers, lawyers and all sorts of professionals.

You really do need to fear your identify if you’re trying to meet couples online. Online (craigslist or on a lifestyle website), most of the people are fake and at some point before a “date” is arranged, you’ll need to exchange face pictures. They may seem genuine, but you’re taking a tremendous risk that you simply do not have to take if you’re at a club.



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