Sexy Sunny Saturday Information

Welcome to Young Couples Party. You are going to love it


Simon is the host of this party.  If you need assistance during the party, find him.  You can see his profile on 


New couples will watch a video on consent before their tour. 


These events happen “rain or shine.” Don’t waste your money by skipping it due to rain. 


Do not “Save” deck chairs. Please do not leave your things on the chairs. There are maybe 15 chairs. 


No smoking or vaping on the deck or in the pools. Grass only, please. Phones/cameras make members nervous.  Grab a sticker to cover your camera from check in if you plan to discretely look at your phone during the party.  If you are taking pictures, ensure there is no one in the background of any photos and you are behind the designated part of the lawn (the creek should be in the background). 


Bring your own towels, sunscreen, and anything else you need. There are mixers at the club. 


Loose lips sink ships. Do not tell anyone about this event or location. That’s true of all YCP events, and it’s the majority of the NDA you signed. This is for everyone’s safety and discretion.

In my experience as host, people do not “break” rules, they have simply forgotten the rules. Please take a moment to refresh yourself on the NDA that you signed. You can find it here.

Contacting Us

You can call or text 1-219-2YCPCOM (219-292-7266). 

We will respond to everything up until about 1:00 PM the day of the party, after that you’re on your own. 

We love questions! Text please. 

Missing the Event/Party Transfer

There aren’t any ticket transfers or refunds. Please DO NOT alert us if you aren’t going to make it.


The party begins at 10 am and ends at 5 pm. Everyone must be gone by 5 pm, because there is another party on the property that evening. 

The last admission is 1:30 PM. DO NOT call or text and ask to be let in after 1:30. We will say “no.”

Sometimes it does hurt to ask. It will upset you more and bum us out as well. 


Set your GPS to the Blackberry Oaks Golf Course at 2245 Kennedy Road, Bristol, Illinois. Pull into the driveway at the golf course and turn around to return to Kennedy. You’re merely establishing a “starting point” at the golf course. When you leave the golf course, turn left onto Kennedy. You will cross a railroad track within a few seconds, and the club is the first left past the railroad tracks. It’s an unlighted private drive, so it’s a little difficult to see. Please drive very slowly once you reach the tracks as the driveway is just beyond it on the left.

If you reach Bailey Road (on the right) you’ve gone too far.

Don’t worry. This place has operated every weekend for 22 years, and the owner doesn’t want the exact address floating around cyberspace. Consider leaving a little early to make sure you get there by 1:00


Party Tickets 

Please provide your username and the email address you registered with when you arrive. The host will ensure you are ticketed. 


Bottles of water will be provided, but please consider utilizing the 5 gallon jug dispenser to help prevent waste and garbage around the club.  Bring your own reusable cup to get your water from the dispenser.  Staff would greatly appreciate this. 


The party is BYOB.  We provide soda mixers.  Do not bring enough alcohol that you could become drunk. Bring your own cup!

Measure how much alcohol you’d like to consume and only bring that much. It’s easy to try to drink away the nerves, but no one wants to get sick and embarrassed at the party. The host couple does this, and we’ve been attending lifestyle parties for ten years. It also prevents hangovers! 🙂


No illegal drugs at all, ever. This is not that kind of a party, trust me. 


There will be parking attendants.  Park where they say.  If you are ok with being blocked in until 5pm, please let them know so we can fit as many cars as possible.  There are almost TWICE as many couples ticketed to each event as your average YCP Friday  night event. Park next to another vehicle and park uncomfortable close. It shouldn’t be easy to open your car door. If you do not do this, the parking attendant will make you try again. 

Park in the grass and not in the driveway. See the image.

Building Entry Point

Front door. 

Dress Code

There is no dress code at day parties. It’s clothing optional. 


There will be some kind of finger foods available all afternoon, but you should bring your own snacks as well. 


If you’re new, you’ll be given a tour when you arrive.


There are lockers, but you’ll need to bring your lock. 

Please leave anything unnecessary in your locked vehicle. Theft is not a problem at YCP, but people forgetting things at the venue is a significant problem. We rent the property two days per month. We cannot go back and retrieve your items, and you cannot either. If you leave something there, you’ll have to come to the next event and see if it’s in the lost and found. Therefore, only bring what you need or don’t mind losing. 

Taking Care of the Property

Your hosts are financially responsible for damage to the property and for cleaning the club the next day. Throw your trash away, do not purposely destroy anything, etc. 🙂.