Today will make or break your summer!

“Boobs, butts and smiles all with a chill vibe. You absolutely want to purchase the season pass.”

– Emily

99% of you have already decided to purchase the season pass. Most have not only decided to buy, but you have been encouraging everyone else to do the same.

All that’s without having any idea what the pass will cost!

Thank you!laughing

That sense of community makes the season pass possible in the first place. We are all collectively deciding to jump into this summer together.

Due to the loyal membership, we’ve eliminated time constraints and financial concerns.

Holding ten Sexy, Sunny Saturday events removes the issue of time constraints.

(Click here for dates)

You are available at least two Saturdays over the summer, and two Saturdays are all you need for this season pass to make sense!

Those who can attend three or more are getting an unreal

Money isn’t an issue because it’s broken into three payments, only $99.99 each.

As a bonus, you will also receive a free Friday night event in June, July, or August! That is an $80 value. You can choose which Friday night party you’d like to attend.

That’s 11 parties, including a Friday night event, for only $299.97 per couple. That’s $13 per-person, per event. 

  • $99 now
  • $99 in April
  • $99 in May

Then your summer is SET.

Remember, single-party tickets are by lottery and are $125 each.

Place your order now because the season passes are only available until Saturday at noon. At 12:01 Saturday, your attendance at any of these events is literally up to chance.

We make no exceptions on time, and last year several couples were distraught that they missed the deadline. Take 20 seconds now to purchase.

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