Season Pass Alternatives

Do you REALLY need a pass? No, here’s why…

Tomorrow you will find out the cost of the 2023 YCP Sexy, Sunny, Saturday season pass, and purchasing begins. Today, we will discuss the Sexy, Sunny, Saturday season pass alternatives.

The Alternative:

    The only sure-fire alternative to the season pass is not attending any Sexy, Sunny, Saturday events in 2023.

    Any other alternative to the season pass is expensive and left up to chance

    YCP will sell 10 “day pass” tickets to each SSS events for $125 each. A member must win a lottery to purchase one of those tickets. So it’s literally up to chance.

    The Lottery:

    Ashley will draw ten members’ names from everyone who requested a ticket two weeks before the event and allow them to purchase a ticket for $125. More than ten members will order tickets, and most will be disappointed.

    That said, we’ve made the season pass a hilariously good value, and I’m confident every one of you will purchase it.

    Lifestyle Event Cost:

    Speaking of value, most of you have never been to another event, so let’s discuss some YCP alternatives.

    We just attended a Champagne Club hotel takeover in Wisconsin. The cost was $650 for two days, including the hotel.

    “Naughty in New Orleans” is $750 for four days, not including the hotel, flight, etc. It’s about $4000 per couple after the hotel and flight.

    Hedonism Resort is the closest thing to a Sexy, Sunny, Saturday as it’s clothing optional, swimming pools, etc. That is about $500 per day.

    A local swinger club charges $80 for their daytime pool parties, which would be $800 for all ten events if YCP had a similar pricing structure.

    Context is essential in any buying situation.

    Tomorrow you will find out the cost of the 2023 YCP Sexy, Sunny, Saturday season pass, and purchasing begins.

    Info Rollout Schedule

    Sunday: Introduction

    Monday: Dates, Times, and Policies

    Tuesday: Payment Plan Information and FAQ

    Today: Cost and Availability of Individual Tickets (alternative to season pass)

    Thursday: Cost of Pass and Sales Open

    Friday: Reminder that Only 24 Hours Remain to Purchase


    “SSS is one of the best things about YCP. Rain or shine it’s always a good time. We love everything about the SSS parties.”

    – Tom

    “We love SSS parties because it’s a fun pool party with the most chill atmosphere and you wear as much or as little clothing as you want! Take a dip in the pools, play volleyball, or just lounge in the yard, all while surrounded by a great group of people.”

    – Liz