Payment Plan Information and FAQ

I know everyone is wondering about the price. You’ll find that information out on Thursday.

Today we are going to discuss HOW you pay for the season pass.

We only offer the season pass in payments.

The season pass goes on sale Thursday.

Payment 1 will be this Thursday or Friday
Payment 2 will be on April 23rd
The final payment will be on May 23rd

Then you can party throughout June, July, August, and part of September without paying another dime! That’s an intentional decision on our part; we want you to have a fun, carefree summer.

Questions and Answers:

    Q. “Can I pay for the whole thing now?”
    A. Everyone will be charged 1/3 of the cost for three months.

    Q. “Where do Sexy, Sunny, Saturday events occur?”
    A. They occur in the exact location of our Friday evening events, within 15 minutes of Aurora, Illinois.

    Q. “How much is the season pass?”
    A. You’ll find out on Thursday.

    Q. “How do I get a refund if we decide not to go?”
    A. There are no refunds.

    Q. “What happens if I shut off payments?”
    A. You will not attend the parties or get a refund.

    Q. “What happens if I stop paying my membership?”
    A. You will not be a member and will not be attending the events.

    Q. “I lost my bikini top. Can you bring it to the next party?”
    A. I’m sure you will lose your bikini top at the party, but the first one has yet to happen. Ask me about this after June 10th.

    Q. “We’re new. Can we purchase this?”
    A. Yes, but be cautious. YCP isn’t for everyone. You’d be buying entry to events that occur months into the future. I’d hate for you to cancel your membership and waste your money.

    Q. “How does the charge appear on my credit card statement?”
    A. The charge is through Paypal, like other event tickets or your membership. It will say, “YCP Party.”

    Q. “Do you guarantee that I will not be sunburned?”
    A. No

    Info Rollout Schedule

    Sunday: Introduction

    Monday: Dates, Times, and Policies

    Today: Payment Plan Information and FAQ

    Wednesday: Cost and Availability of Individual Tickets (alternative to season pass)

    Thursday: Cost of Pass and Sales Open

    Friday: Reminder that Only 24 Hours Remain to Purchase


    Going to the Sexy Summer Saturday parties is one of the reasons I look forward to Summer! The vibe during SSS is chill, day drinking, and of course play is always available. You get to lounge around in your swim wear, or for us bold people be free of clothes for an even tan. Can not wait to take a dip in the pool. Hope I’ll see yall there.

    – Nia

    Sexy Sunny Saturday parties are like going on vacation with all your best friends. Lounging pool side, volleyball, games, laughs, and smiles. Summer wouldn’t be complete without Sexy Summer Saturday’s.

    – Nathan