Let’s talk about YOU…

Young Couples Party is about you. It’s your club, after all. So let’s talk about YOU.

Let’s talk about YOUR summer.

Let’s talk about YOUR life.

All of us want to make lifelong friends. To be carefree and in the moment, with the hot sun on our bare skin, while feeling sexy and confident.

Yet we all have concerns about our schedule, work, cost, and family commitments. It seems there’s always some reason why we can’t live our best life while in the prime of our life.

I refuse to acknowledge the fun-stealing irony – That we are too busy when we’re young to enjoy our lives.

We’ve designed this year’s Sexy, Sunny, Saturday events to prevent anything from preventing you from having the best summer of your life.

We’ve increased the number of parties. There is a Sexy, Sunny, Saturday event nearly every Saturday, which makes it easier for you to attend more often. We will sell 150 season passes, making the events very inexpensive.

This summer is your summer.

It’s the one you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

What is Sexy, Sunny, Saturday


“Friday parties are great, but everything is fast paced and flies by so quickly!
With SSS, you get to spend the majority of the day with those same sexy people! My favorite things are sipping drinks naked in the sun while sharing laughs, watching hotties play volleyball, refreshing pools to cool down in, and an entire lawn to use as you like 😈”

– Des and Chris

“We love the energy of SSS parties! With the informal, day-long format, we’ve built friendships while daydrinking and working on our tans. Even on rainy Saturdays, the parites have been filled with sexy fun in the indoor pool and volleyball court. We can’t recommend them enough!”

– L


Tomorrow we will discuss the dates and times and policies. Please make sure your partner is reading these webpages as well.