Membership Site Overview

We’ve developed a sophisticated and feature-rich social platform for you.

This is a quick overview of its functionality.



  • Two-factor authentication
  • An isolated domain
  • Firewall
  • Crawler rejection


  • Full-featured social feed (Hub)
    • Post photos, videos (coming soon), Polls
    • Reactions
    • Photo & GIF commenting
  • Rich messaging
    • Send photos & GIFs
    • Instant messaging
  • Groups
    • Group updates will post to Hub
  • Advanced image management
  • Integrated Profile
    • Find, display and edit your account and info all in one place
  • Robust notification system
    • Can send notifications to your device if you opt-in
  • And much more

Notice to existing users:

The migration did not carry over your photos or posts from the old feed or groups. We do apologize for this, but to get the new experience for the community it was necessary to leave the old behind and not try to carry-over old code. We promise, it’s worth it.


Setting up 2FA

The first time you sign on, you’ll be required to register an email and phone number for two-factor authentication. This only happens once. You’ll first register an email, and enter the code sent there. Then you’ll register a phone number, and enter the code sent to you there.

After that, you will be sent a text with a six digit code after you log on, and you’ll simply type that into the interface that looks like this:

After this, you’ll be asked if you’d like to remember the device. If you select Yes, your device will be remembers for 30 days and a code will not be necessary.

Changing your user name or password

It is possible to change your user name. Your user name is what other members see, so you want it to be something memorable! 

(If you’re a user carrying over from the old site, you may have been using a custom display name there. That didn’t carry over, but you can simply change your user name to that now.)

Note that once you change your user name, that is the name you’ll use to log in from then on.

Head to your profile, click the About tab, then select Account. To unlock the fields for user name, email and password, you must type in your current password. Once you’ve changed what you want, click Save and your info will change!

Partner account creation

Often times, couples will prefer to have their own accounts. While couples sign up for YCP together and under the same subscription, it is now possible to create a stand-alone account for partners! We call the account that holds the subscription the Primary Account, and the secondary account is called the Partner Account.

Partner Accounts are applied for using a form. It can be found in the navigation menu under Tools > Partner Application. You’ll need to use the same invitation code as was given for the Primary Account. It can only be used twice. Partner Accounts are approved manually by administrators, so please allow 24 hours for the account to become active. This account will also go though 2FA activation upon initial login as well.

That’s it!

Thanks for taking the time to review this information. We hope you enjoy your time with YCP and thanks so much for joining! If you have any questions about the platform, please contact us.