Identity Confirmation


How and why we do this.

You want to join, but are nervous about verifying your identity.

You’re worried about being “outed” as someone interested in swinger events, and unsure if you can trust YCP with your state ID.

We get it.

We’ve been in the “lifestyle” for 12 years and hosting events for five years. YCP doesn’t make money, and we are entirely dependent upon vanilla careers. Those careers would NOT be understanding of our role in the swinger lifestyle. The bottom line is, we are also worried about being outed.

Verifying your identity lets us know if you signed the non-disclosure agreement or if you’re just a lazy reporter who wants to do a story on “swingers and covid” and jeopardize the identity of all of our members. Or if you’re a busybody who wants access to the social media to see who in their neighborhood is in the lifestyle.—knowing that the person filled out the form with accurate information, let us know that they are sincere.

Should you trust YCP with your state IDs? You don’t have to.

We use a system called It’s a third party, secure and encrypted system. YCP does not store your identification.

After you submit your form, we send two links in a text—one for each partner.

After your ID is confirmed, your application will be approved, usually within a couple of hours. Please allow a little longer if you’ve submitted it late at night.

You’ll then be in a safe and secure community of like-minded people, who have all went through that same, exact process.

Alternatively, you can join another social media site or party group where everyone is anonymous. That doesn’t make me feel safer, personally, which is why YCP uses this process.