Everything you need to know for Sexy, Sunny, Saturday

Everything you need to know for Sexy, Sunny, Saturday

Hello everyone,

You made an awesome decision to attend Sexy, Sunny, Saturday! It’s the perfect mix of relaxation and sexiness! It’s our favorite event and we know you’ll love it! We hope this webpage doesn’t sound too bossy. 🙂 We are trying to balance being informative and concise!

Here is a basic rundown of everything you need to know for Sexy, Sunny, Saturday.

Rain or Shine. The club has an indoor swimming pool, dance floor and 16 play beds. The party will be just as much fun (maybe more) if there is a thunderstorm. Do not let the weather slow you down. This event happens “rain or shine!”

Can’t make it? Please do not let us know if you are missing the event. There isn’t a cancellation list, and transfers happen automatically.

Party Timing. The party begins at 10 am and ends at 6 pm. The earliest you can arrive is 10:00 am and the latest you can arrive is 2:00 pm.

Please do not ask to be let in late, by calling, texting, or showing up and begging at the door. The “last admission” policy is firm.

What to Bring. Bring your admission ticket, identification to show your ages, towels, sunscreen, alcohol, and tip if you’re doing yoga.

The age limits are enforced without exception. If you lied about your age when you purchased your ticket, contact us for a refund. Do not show up and create a confrontation at the desk, it really lessons everyone’s experience.

Address. The owner of the club does not want the exact address given out. Here is how you can locate it.

Set your GPS to the Blackberry Oaks Golf Course at 2245 Kennedy Road, Bristol, Illinois. Pull into the driveway at the golf course and turn around to return to Kennedy. You’re simply establishing a “starting point” at the golf course.

When you leave the golf course, turn left onto Kennedy. You will cross a railroad track within a few seconds, the club is the first left past the railroad tracks. It’s an unlighted private drive, so it’s a little difficult to see. Please drive very slowly once you reach the tracks as the driveway is just beyond it on the left.

If you reach Bailey Road (on the right) you’ve gone too far.

Don’t worry, this place has operated every weekend for 22 years, the owner just doesn’t want the exact address floating around cyberspace.

Hotel. Please use this Booking.com widget to book your hotel. YCP gets a few bucks commission. Major karma points to you for using it!


Yoga. There will be a 30 minute sexy Yoga class at 2:00, taught by a YCP regular and certified Yoga Instructor. What a sexy and relaxing way to start your day! Learn more at video. She’s accepting tips, which are optional.

Food. We are ordering pizza for this event. It will be there at 11:45 am and 3:00 pm. If you’d like anything else to eat, please bring it. We have plenty of fridge space, microwaves, etc.

Clothing and Nudity. The entire club and outdoor area are clothing optional. Some people will be nude the entire time. Others will be clothed the entire time. It’s up to you.

Lockers. There are lockers, but you’ll need to bring your own lock. Otherwise, just leave your valuables in your automobile.

Lost and Found. We rent the building just long enough to hold our event, so we cannot let you return to pick up your lost items. Please do not bring anything into the club that you wouldn’t mind losing. There is a lost and found that you’re welcome to check at your next YCP event.

Performance Issues. Most men in the lifestyle take an ED drug, as it helps with performance in a stressful environment like a party. We recommend BlueChew, which 77 YCP men have purchased a monthly subscription to.

Viagra and Cialis are now available in generic form and that’s exactly what BlueChew is. It’s prescribed by a doctor, seamlessly and quickly through the BlueChew website. Best of all, it’s faster acting because it’s a chewable as opposed to a pill. They are an affiliate partner of ours, so we benefit from you ordering BlueChew through this link, but not nearly as much as you’ll benefit. It’s a game changer. It takes about 5 minutes to sign up and go through the virtual medical exam, and the product will arrive around 3 days later. So plan ahead.

Questions? Need anything, just reply to this email or give us a call or text at 1-219-292-7266

We can’t wait to see everyone!!!