Hotel Party Information

You’re in for the best night of your life! 

My name is Robert, and it’s my pleasure to welcome you to Young Couples Party. You are going to love it!

Text when you have concerns: The stakes are high. If you see someone vaping inside, notice a consent issue or have ANY issues or concerns, please text 219-292-7266. That number will be monitored all evening by an on-site host. For example, “I smell weed in room 308.” No one likes to tattle but we also don’t need the fire department roaming the hallways while everyone stands outside for 30 minutes. Add that number to your contacts, please!

Carlos is your host for the evening:

See his image below. He is in charge. You can reach him at 219-292-7266

hoteLocation: Location: Country Inn and Suites. 380 Cypress Drive Manteno, IL 60950

Entry: Do not enter the front door. Enter the side door marked with the arrow.

Discretion: The inside of the hotel is the inside of the party. Do not let strangers in, and no food deliveries.

We once had a pizza delivery guy walk into the YCP clubhouse because no one answered the door right away. So please do not order food, even if you plan on meeting them in the parking lot.

Please also be careful with discussions at local restaurants, etc. We do not want anyone in town to know a major swinger party is happening. For those unfamiliar with the history of YCP, we once had a TV news station do a “live remote” from our hotel parking lot. Do not underestimate how genuinely awful some people are. No one should know about this event.

Bring Your Own Everything: The party is BYOE. You can answer almost all of your questions by remembering that. YCP will not have ice, cups, mixers, alcohol, or food. Please bring your permanent cup.

Bring cash to tip the general manager (Candy) and to leave tips for housekeeping.

Alcohol: You can drink alcohol wherever you like. If you do not have a room, there will be a place to store your belongings while you attend the party, leave valuables in your vehicle, so they do not get lost.

Timing: You will NOT be allowed into the hotel after 10:30 pm. Do not ask for an exemption.

The party begins at 8 pm and ends at 3 am. After 3 am, everyone who does not have a room has to leave.

The Saturday pool party begins at 1 pm. The pool party is ONLY available to those who have tickets to BOTH parties.

The taco truck will be outside on Saturday evening from 5-7:30 pm.

LIVE Talk Sex from 5-6 pm – Saturday. 

The room crawl begins at 8 and ends at 10 pm. You’ll be given a map at check-in.

Libido Lounge  – Both nights – Midnight to 2:30AM in main lobby – watch video in hotel group for more information

Smoking/Vaping: Do not smoke or vape inside. The hotel manager cannot turn off the smoke alarms. The fire department has to arrive and inspect the building while everyone evacuates physically. That means standing outside (clothed or not) for probably 20 minutes. Someone will vape inside, as this happens at every YCP event at the clubhouse. We cannot be everywhere, so PLEASE remind your fellow party attendees not to do this.

Likewise, you cannot have a fog machine, incense, or cook popcorn in your room.

Remove door decor: Remove your door decor on Saturday night before going to sleep. Otherwise a staff person will remove it at 3:00 am. Housekeeping arrives early on Sunday, and it needs to look like any other hotel night and not a giant party. 

Tips and Trash:Each hotel room door will a large trash bag, and a tip envelope when you arrive. Even though you’ve rented a room, it would be nice if you bagged up all your trash to make it easier for the housekeepers. Please also leave a tip. $20 for the weekend is the recommended amount. Please also tip Candy, the hotel manager, who will be the only staff person on the property all weekend. Hand her some cash and thank her for having us. That will ensure we get invited back.

Ticketing and Check-In: You can arrive as early as 3 pm on Friday if you have a hotel room. If you do not have a room, please come between 7:30 and 10:30. Like the Friday events, you will not be allowed in after 10:30. Do not ask.

See image for the door to enter.

Friday night, attendees receive one color of the bracelet. Saturday attendees receive another color, etc. Wear these bracelets at all times.

New Members: Expect a 20-minute orientation, including watching an instructional video on consent.

Nudity: The entire property is clothing optional. There are hotel security cameras, just like at any hotel. The manager says the recordings go to a DVR in her office, and the data records over itself every few days. Please do not have sex in common areas. 

Playrooms: There are eight playrooms. YCP will mark them.

Wandering Around:Wandering around: Any open room is open so that you can come in. Walk right in and introduce yourselves.

Room Crawl: You will tour rooms from 8 -10 pm. Let the room hosts show you the decor, food, drinks, and vote for your favorite room (each room should have a container for voting). 

Text 219-292-7266 when you have questions