Friday Night Information

You’re in for the best night of your life! We require you to do about ten minutes of homework. Read everything in this email and click on all of the links.

Download all the images and watch the speed dating video.


New couples will watch a video on consent before their tour. 


Loose lips sink ships. Do not tell anyone about this event or location. That’s true of all YCP events, and it’s the majority of the NDA you signed. This is for everyone’s safety and discretion.

In our experience as host, people do not “break” rules, they have simply forgotten the rules. Please take a moment to refresh yourself on the NDA that you signed. You can find it here.

Contacting Us

You can call or text 1-219-2YCPCOM (219-292-7266).

We will respond to everything up until about 8:45 pm the night of the party, after that you’re on your own. 

We love questions! You can text and we will answer you asap. 

Missing the Event/Party Transfer

There are no transfers or refunds.  You do not need to contact YCP is you are missing the party. 

Party Timing

We write this with love, but it is strong because it’s that important.

The party begins at 8 pm. You can arrive as early as 7:30 and as late as 10:30. However, there is so much more to timing that you need to know, so please read on.

Speed dating begins at 9:00. If you arrive after 9:00 pm, you will miss speed dating, and you will be upset. Right now, you may be thinking, “speed dating sounds scary, so let’s skip that.” You’re totally wrong about that, and you’ll be angry at yourself if you miss speed dating because you arrived after 9:00 pm. 

There were 750 new YCP couples in 2023, about 10% missed speed dating. Every one of the couples who missed speed dating looked distraught when they realized what they were missing. A few even teared up, and that’s not an exaggeration.  

If you miss speed dating, you’ll sit and watch everyone else at the party conversing with each other. Once speed dating concludes, the DJ cranks the music, and the party begins. Everyone will have just met ten other couples, and their conversations, dancing, and fun will start immediately. It won’t be that easy for you. You’ll be starting from scratch two and a half hours after the event has begun. 

While the last admittance is 10:30, you should aim to get there at 8.  

YCP is not your typical party; it starts fast. By 8:30, the event will be half full, by 9:00, virtually everyone will be there.

Do not arrive after 10:30

Again, almost everyone is there by 9:00PM. However, 10:29PM is the last time you can get into the door.

You will not be allowed in after 10:30. There are no exceptions.

Do not call or text to ask for an exception. If you knock or ring the doorbell to be asked in after 10:30, we will ban you from all future YCP events. 

To open the door to see who is knocking or ringing the bell puts our guests at risk. 

Again, virtually everyone is there by nine. Aim for 8PM, not 10:30PM. 


Set your GPS to the Blackberry Oaks Golf Course at 2245 Kennedy Road, Bristol, Illinois. Pull into the driveway at the golf course and turn around to return to Kennedy. You’re merely establishing a “starting point” at the golf course. When you leave the golf course, turn left onto Kennedy. You will cross a railroad track within a few seconds, and the club is the first left past the railroad tracks. It’s an unlighted private drive, so it’s a little difficult to see. Please drive very slowly once you reach the tracks as the driveway is just beyond it on the left.

If you reach Bailey Road (on the right) you’ve gone too far.

Don’t worry. This place has operated every weekend for 22 years, and the owner doesn’t want the exact address floating around cyberspace. Consider leaving a little early to make sure you get there by 8.


Party Tickets 

Please provide your usernames and the email address you registered with when you arrive. Staff will ensure you are ticketed. 


The party is BYOB.  We provide soda mixers.  Do not bring enough alcohol that you could become drunk. Bring your own cup.  There are limited plastic cups.

Measure how much alcohol you’d like to consume and only bring that much. It’s easy to try to drink away the nerves, but no one wants to get sick and embarrassed at the party. The host couple does this, and they’ve been attending lifestyle parties for ten years. It also prevents hangovers! 🙂


No illegal drugs at all, ever. This is not that kind of a party, trust me. 

Speed Dating 

Watch this speed dating video.  (LINK)  It is only 2 minutes long. Everyone does speed dating, it’s a part of the event.  


Please be advised the parking area may be muddy. Wear shoes you don’t mind getting muddy and change into your party shoes inside.  Your vehicle may get muddy too, so leave the sports car at home. Bring a plastic bag to hold your potentially muddy shoes. 


If there are parking attendants, park where they say.  If there are no parking attendants, park very close to a car already parked.  See the image. 

The parking lot is completely full by the time the doors lock. 

Building Entry Point

Unless it’s raining, the entry door is marked with a projected arrow. It’s the right most door, to the right of the colored balls. 

You’ll Choose a Color at the Door

You’ll be asked to select a color bracelet at the registration desk. These colors indicate your lifestyle preferences.

Red = full swap (switching partners for penetrative sex)

Blue/Purple = soft swap (switching partners – oral)

Yellow = other (just checking it out, voyeur, looking for a single woman, etc.)

Everything is situational. You may choose red but later decide you’re only up for soft (blue). Or not up for swapping at all. In no way should this be a substitute for excellent communication. Of course, you may choose not to participate at all. But we hope you’ll try it, as we’ve found it helps people make new friends. Even non-swingers seem to get more involved in conversations when they don’t fear “leading people on.” 

Spending the Night – It’s Free!

This attachment describes the process.There are clean blankets, pillowcases, and sheets. It’s not too late for you to cancel your hotel reservation, save yourself DOUBLE what you paid for this party, and stay at the club. 


Plenty of great hotels in the area. Most people choose the Hampton Inn. 

Dress Code

There is a full description of the dress code in the FAQ of the website.

Women always dress well.

Men: DO NOT wear a t-shirt, tennis shoes, or a baseball cap unless it’s a part of the theme. 

Men not in theme, need to be wearing a shirt with a collar and hard bottomed (dress) shoes.


We will have pizza rolls, chicken and cheese mini tacos and black bean and cheese taquitos at the event. 


If you’re new to the clubhouse, you’ll be given a tour when you arrive.  Please tell the host if you have never attended a YCP party at the clubhouse.


There are lockers, but you’ll need to bring your lock. 

Please leave anything unnecessary in your locked vehicle. Theft is not a problem at YCP, but people forgetting things at the venue is a significant problem. We rent the property two days per month. We cannot go back and retrieve your items, and you cannot either. If you leave something there, you’ll have to come to the next event and see if it’s in the lost and found. Therefore, only bring what you need or don’t mind losing. 

Taking Care of the Property

Your hosts are financially responsible for damage to the property and for cleaning the club the next day. Throw your trash away, do not purposely destroy anything, etc. 🙂.