Who wants to be in the next Young Couples Party video?

We are shooting a video for every party. We need to create six more in 2019. We already have a Glow and Christmas video that we’re happy with, so we will reuse those this year.

The themes we need to make are:



“Halloween 1”

“Halloween 2”

“Military Appreciation”

“Little Black Dress”

The next one we will shoot is Red. For this video, we’d like someone who is comfortable showing her face.

A few things to note about this.

*You’ll be wearing a wig, so likely not that recognizable.

*The videos are on Youtube.

*We are putting more and more time and effort into these videos. For this one in particular, we are going to be really working on lighting and adding some special effects. Please do not agree to do this if you will later ask for it to be pulled off the web.

I’ll buy you three outfits, a wig and buy you and your partner dinner.

We will shoot at our house in the western suburbs at your convenience sometime in late July. It will take about three hours.

If you’re interested, you know how to contact us.