Seventy-nine couples attended the last Young Couples Party (YCP) event. By 9:15, only one hour after the party officially began, there were 60 couples in the building.

Most lifestyle events get off to a much slower start and won’t appear full until closer to 11 pm. We’ve always hated this, and it’s why we’ve purposely designed Young Couples Party events to start quickly.

First, let’s explain why the slow start is a death knell for lifestyle parties.

People attend swinger parties to meet other people. Therefore everyone needs to be there at roughly the same time. We’ve left parties at 10:00 pm because there was hardly anyone there. Later, we heard the place “really filled up,” but we had already given up and went home.

There were forty new couples at the last event, and most arrive a little later than our regulars. The late arrival (8:45 as opposed to 8:00) is because they are used to other parties where getting there an hour after they open, is still awkwardly early. We love walking them through a building that is already full of happy, attractive people. It’s often hard to push the tours through the regulars, who are already standing shoulder to shoulder in many places.

If an event starts to heat up, just two or three hours before close, that doesn’t give people enough time to meet others and fulfill their desires. Most YCP attendees have a full six hours at the event, enough time to meet people, fulfill their passions, and then start the process over again!

Of course, promoters do not intentionally design late arrival into their event. It’s something that happens organically over time and gets worse unless they combat it. We’ve all been to an event on-time and immediately felt silly because we were the only ones there. Next time, we arrive later. That happens again and again, and soon, no one comes within hours of the start, and the event begins to fall apart.

At YCP, the opposite happens. I’ve talked to new couples who arrive at 10:00 and immediately regret it. They feel ridiculous that almost everyone else has been at the event for two-hours. Because of this, YCP events have people arriving earlier and earlier, the exact opposite of what happens at most other parties.

Here are some things that we do at YCP to combat late arrivals.
#1. Speed dating begins at 9:15. Having an event that starts promptly encourages people to arrive early.

#2. Communicate well with attendees. In our “new couple email,” it discusses this very issue and encourages people to arrive early, promising that over half of the attendees come within the first 30-minutes. Everyone reads that email because if they do not open it, we send it again. If they still do not open it, we send them a text message.

#3. We do not allow anyone in after 10:30 pm.

Look, YCP members are not the “do a bump of cocaine in the bathroom and then invite everyone to a 4 am after party at our apartment” type of crowd. Frankly, we do not want “that couple” at our events.

YCP members are educated professionals who work hard throughout the week, and many have families at home. We need the party to start early, so we can have a fantastic evening and get back to life the next morning.