I believe Facebook’s Community Standards are absurd. That said, posting nude photographs on the Young Couples Party secret Facebook group is not essential, and eliminating them will only increase use.

First, let’s discuss a little Facebook history, and then I’ll explain why this is likely a positive.

For about two years, Facebook has had the capability of identifying nudity and deleting the photograph. They also punish the Facebook user depending upon the frequency of violations. Most people get a couple of warnings, and then a 24-hour suspension. Then a week suspension and eventually a 30-day suspension or total ban.

We’ve ignored a lot of this and just left the risk up to the individual. However, that changed when two weeks ago, we learned that another swinger party had their secret facebook group deleted by Facebook for continuous violations. Suddenly, gaining control of the situation seemed very important. Therefore we banned nudity as well as pushing the envelope with stickers and careful posing.

Why I don’t believe nudity isn’t essential.

For starters, many of us see each other naked every couple of weeks. For those who have never been to an event, don’t’ get confused, this isn’t one giant orgy. However, most of us are very comfortable being nude and bare for hours at the event. It gets to the point that you don’t even notice that someone is naked. If someone is posting herself without clothing in the group a few times per week, that lack of “wow, she’s naked” at a live event is even worse. The phrase, “how can I miss you if you won’t go away” comes to mind.

Furthermore, photographs with clothing are often hotter. We’ve all gotten out of the shower, looked at ourselves in the mirror, and thought, “I look great today. Let’s take a selfie!” Impromptu photos can be hot, but putting on lingerie or seductively pulling your shirt to see a little more cleavage is more attractive. When I wear a suit, I receive more likes than when I’m barechested. I’ve been watching the number of “likes” in the group lately, and it appears I’m not the only one who thinks clothed images are hotter.

Next, if you’re as experienced as I am, clothes are what makes someone look different than everyone else. We’ve spent weeks at a nudist resort. A place where clothing isn’t optional at the pool, they are banned. If you sit all day in a place where everyone is nude, you begin to look forward to the dinner party when people have clothing to decorate their bodies. Notice I didn’t say “cover their bodies,” I said “decorate” their bodies.

Everyone being nude is like everyone not wearing makeup. The women are gorgeous and don’t need makeup to look attractive, but it does give people a chance to show their style and personality.

Finally, when some women post nudes, but others aren’t comfortable doing that, it creates a bit of an “arms race.” For example, when Facebook was the wild west, a woman in another group posted a picture of a baseball bat in her ass. Good luck following that photograph with an image of you in a sundress! Clothing puts everyone on an even playing field. You don’t have to be comfortable putting nude pictures of yourself on the internet to get likes.

Our Facebook group was never about tits and ass; therefore, it doesn’t depend upon that to survive. I don’t believe in censorship, but I do find the pursuit of “nudes” to be adolescent. It reminds me of foreign men, living in heavily censored nations, writing “show me bobs and vegana” on ladies’ Instagram and Twitter images. Thirsty and silly.