I thought some of you might enjoy reading about some of the “behind the scenes” action of YCP.

I’ve said this before, but it’s more accurate than ever.
An event’s success or failure has nothing to do with the hosts and little to do with the venue. YCP is life-changingly awesome because the attendees are.

When people write to me after the event to tell me that it was the most fabulous night of their life, they are talking about the people they met — not the person who blew the whistle during speed dating, or the shitty pizza. They met person after person who changed their entire perspective on the lifestyle.

When we first started YCP, my goal was recruitment. Now, I focus on who we tell not to come. Or who we say not to come back.

The “10 men” email is a ridiculous example, but I get things similar to this all the time. In this case, I told the writer not to attend YCP. Instead, she should look up the 18th street book store. If this was a serious question, it’s clear she hadn’t read the website.

When people call the phone number and ask, “how do we attend” or “can you tell me about the party,” I don’t keep them from attending. I say that they need to read the entire website with their partner. If they aren’t willing to invest at least an hour into learning everything, then YCP isn’t for them. Some people completely lose interest when I say that, and that’s the point.

When a couple buys a ticket, but doesn’t read the new couple’s email, or writes something odd on their order form, I refund their money and tell them never to register again.

Recently one couple wrote “hey” in the “tell us about you” section. I wrote to them twice and tried to get them to respond. Then refunded them and told them not to attend. Sorry, bud, but I don’t need $73 that badly.

The phrase “intellectual curiosity” is critical. You don’t have to be intelligent, but you should want to learn. I want attendees who take YCP as seriously as I do.

People pay an entry fee, but this isn’t a peep show. I need more out of people than their money in order for them to attend.