A great discussion was raised by our friends over at The Red Couch. They wrote a piece called, “5 Bullshit Things Swingers Say But You Know Isn’t True.” The number one “sayings” was  “We don’t have expectations.”

Their point was that when people go out to a club/party that they want to get laid, or at least meet potential playmates. To say anything else is (in their words) bullshit.

Fair point, and I definitely remember feeling that way when I was a younger and newer in the lifestyle.

All of this got me thinking about our own experience and our own desire for swapping. The honeymoon is over in a lot of ways, swinger parties are fun but they aren’t that titillating anymore. We usually go to non-YCP events just to hang out with each other.

For example, we went out last Saturday night. We got to the club about 8, talked only to ourselves for about 90 minutes. Then we went upstairs about 9:30 for some oral sex. Then we went back downstairs, chatted briefly with a couple. Danced. Then went upstairs, had sex and were out the door by 11.

We didn’t expect to swap. We definitely didn’t try to swap. We didn’t care to swap.

Did we have expectations? Not anything having to do with swinging.