So I have a tendency to overdo everything. Glow parties are no exception.

I’ve heard people describe their facility as “flip a switch ready” for a glow party. To me, this means that they have UV lights hanging in the ceiling that they just turn on and BOOM…glow party. Of course that also means all their regular party lights are also on.

The first thing we do when w set up for a glow party is cover every window so not a single photon of regular light (street lights, headlights from people parking, etc) get inside. Then we turn off all the regular lights. Even the time flashing on the coffee pot. That way when we flip the switch on the $2000 worth of UV lights we set up just for this party, the place is still, pretty much, dark.

I bet you were expecting me to say glowing, huh? HAHA! You see, true blacklights do not give off any light at all. You only see the reflection from the UV reflective material. So it starts off dark but gets brighter and brighter as more and more people come in with their UV reflective clothing.

Of course we also have UV reflective cups and about 100 balloons so that helps brighten it up too. Check out how amazing everyone looks in the photography area! See ya there.