I’ve been bodybuilding my entire adult life. Yet, I’m never going to look like a professional fitness model or bodybuilder. Why? Because they are on anabolic drugs and I’m not. It’s as simple as that.

I’ve been considering taking some sort of anabolic drugs for 20 years! Yet I’ve always steered myself away. The closest I ever came to taking an anabolic drug was going to a testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) clinic, which you’ve probably seen advertised on Chicagoland billboards. My experience at one of these clinics is what I’m going to share with you today.

First, let’s differentiate Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) from the illegal Anabolic Steroids that you’ve probably seen on after school specials.

Any anabolic steroid is either testosterone or a synthetic version of testosterone that binds to androgen receptors and turns on protein synthesis (builds muscle). TRT is also testosterone, but a physician prescribes it. So they are essentially the same thing, the only difference is dose and legality.

Dose, like any drug, is obviously the most important thing.

TRT is prescribed to bring your testosterone up to “optimum” levels. The definition of optimum is up for interpretation, with some doctors increasing your testosterone to higher levels than it ever was, even in your acne prone, constantly erect and obsessed-with-pussy teenage years!

Illegal steroid users, on the other hand, are dosing themselves with black market drugs and almost always giving themselves “super-therapeutic” dosages. So their testosterone levels may be multiple times higher than a TRT patient.

Testosterone Replacement Clinic Experience

I made an appointment with one of the local chains. The first thing I noticed when I arrived was how attractive the office staff was. I don’t think a female in the office was over 30, they all had their nails and make up done with perfection, and were overtly flirty. They were clearly a part of the marketing effort towards middle-aged males overly concerned about their vitality. Not to mention if you are on TRT, you have to go back to the clinic every week or two for injections. So keeping men coming in the door for those injections is a part of their marketing.

I see the doctor and he gives me a survey to fill out. It asks me questions about:

  • my desire to exercise
  • my desire for sex
  • my desire to work and
  • my erection quality.

I answered honestly, which is that despite heading towards 40, I’ve never noticed a decrease in any of those things.

Then he draws my blood and says he will give me a call when the results come in.

My results come in and it turns out my testosterone was normal for a man of my age. Not higher than average or lower, but pretty much spot on average. He tells me that if I had indicated that I was feeling my testosterone wavering that he could prescribe me something, but that in my survey I gave no indication that I needed testosterone.

So that’s it. If I wanted TRT, I could get it simply by lying on the survey. However, once you start TRT you’ve really made a deal with the devil. Your natural testosterone production will plummet and your body will rely more and more on the injections. You’re essentially deciding to take these drugs for life, which I may in fact decide to do when I do find my desire for sex and things plummeting. I will not allow myself to go through “manipause” that’s for certain. Fat, lazy and disinterested in sex is not how I’m going to live. I’d rather die. Seriously. But as of right now, I’m good where I am.

Now you may be wondering…are there men in the swinger lifestyle on TRT. Oh fuck yes there are! Men are often very forthcoming with these things, and I’ve flat out asked older guys with unnatural physiques at lifestyle events what they are taking. Not if they are taking something, I knew they were by looking at them. So often they tell me a variation of this story….

They are older and divorced, sometimes multiple divorces. They have a wife or girlfriend who is considerably younger, wilder, and hornier than they are. So it was either figure out a way to keep up with her, or get left behind. She hasn’t even hit her sexual peak yet, and he’s 35-45 years past his. That’s a tough combination.

So that’s my experience. Are any of you on TRT or been to a men’s health clinic?