Themes matter a lot for attendance.

Good themes sell out. Bad themes do not.

Ok, then it should be easy. Just have good themes, right?

That’s where it gets tricky. What is a good theme?

Unique themes

Some people love unique themes. They want to plan ahead and purchase something new for the event. Another local event had a wig party, which is a good example of something really unique. Most people have never attended a wig party before, and they likely had to go out and buy a wig. Some people love events like that.

Mundane themes

Others do not want to plan ahead, and anything unusual just stresses them out. They want something easy like a “red party,” where they can wear anything red. The type of theme that is (1) easy to understand and (2) they already have something for.

So what excites some people, stresses others out. What is so easy that its perfect for some, bores others.

It’s harder than you might think!

Theme suggestions

I get suggestions for themes all the time. I appreciate and consider all of them. However, most of them are too niche to be well attended. For example, if someone is really into comic books, they might suggest a comic book theme. Which they would be really excited about, but it wouldn’t have broad appeal.

You can’t always get what you want. We personally love the country theme the best, but it just wasn’t well attended so it had to die.

Attendance matters

Our cost per event is fixed.

That means the event costs the same to operate regardless of if we sold 65 or 80 tickets. Therefore those last 15 couples make all the difference financially.

Remember, YCP is BYOB and doesn’t up-charge for any extras. Some of you are only paying $40, $50 per couple ($20-$25 per person), which is not even close to the cost of running the event. You pay a fraction of what you should be paying to attend YCP, but that’s another blog topic altogether.

We need to sell EVERY $75 tickets each month, and therefore we cannot afford any bad themes.

We need something unique enough to be interesting, yet not so unique that it overwhelms some people’s imaginations.

Have ideas? Write them in the comments.