The food is intentionally shitty at YCP events.
The food at YCP is terrible, but it’s intentionally so.
There are swinger parties with amazing buffets. They have five different desserts, three different main entrees, and sides to satisfy any appetite.
They advertise the buffet, and it’s a significant draw to the event. The attendees pay $60 and get a dinner that would cost more than that at a restaurant. Plus, they may see a titty or two, and there’s no need to leave a tip.
You can tell a lot of people go to eat, and that’s the problem. We are running a party, not a Country Kitchen. I HATE to see people sitting down at a party for any reason, even more so to see people sitting down and eating. It kills the party.
We’ve been to many events where people show up early, sit and eat 3-4 rounds of the buffet. Then finally get up after an hour of eating, make themselves a drink, and sit back down. It’s hard to do much partying after you ate 4000 calories of awesomeness.
Eat because you couldn’t grab something on the way, or you need to soak up some alcohol. Don’t go to the party to eat.