On Friday, December 7th we had our first YCP event outside of Chicagoland. We hosted an event in Des Moines, Iowa.

Backstory…People between the ages of 21-42 make up a TINY percentage of swingers, so holding an event like this is a huge risk. The attendee pool is not large, especially in a relatively low population state like Iowa. After all, our County here in Chicagoland has twice the population of the entire state of Iowa. However, it couldn’t have been more successful!

We ended up with 45 couples and single females ticketed with 41 showing up. It felt like that was about the “right amount” in that venue and it covered our costs, etc.

What was most interesting was how excited everyone seemed to be about a YCP event in their State. The attendance rate was amazing (91%), and every couple but three were “in the door” and ready to party by 9 pm!

The first event is always the hardest. We (along with some great help) personally messaged every couple on every lifestyle site used in Iowa within 200 miles of Des Moines, and that was just the start! We really hustled to fill the building, and with 41 satisfied couples, selling out a second will be much easier.

Best of all, I’m sure a lot of those young couples loved the venue and will become regulars at the Club’s normal Saturday night events. In addition to their rent money, they got several new regulars.

Video of facility here