As I write this, I’m almost over my second cold of the winter, and it’s only November. We have a little one in pre-school, and her nose has been running since the first day of school in August! Many of you parents will understand. Colds are an annoying and almost inevitable part of winter.

So how does this affect swinging?

We attend lifestyle events regardless of having a cold. I think about it in the same way, I think about work. If a cold is so severe that I would call in sick, then I’d miss the party. But if it’s just a runny nose, and general malaise, I’d go.

Now you’re probably wondering, “but wouldn’t you get people sick?” I tell people before I have any physical contact with them. Some people will say, “thank you for telling me!” and back away. Others may say, “you’re not going to get me sick, I don’t care at all,” like the pediatrician I met in Jamaica. Shes exposed to rhinovirus all-day, every-day, she explained, and she wasn’t concerned about catching something from me.

Colds are a funny thing. I’ve knowingly made out with women who had a cold and not gotten sick. Other times, I’ve gotten ill despite focusing on avoiding germs by staying away from crowds, washing my hands, and using sanitizer religiously. At times, getting a cold seems as much about luck as anything.

Plus, I believe it’s critically important that people occasionally attend events when they know they won’t have sex. It’s an opportunity to meet people, to converse with your partner, and to gain a new perspective — what better chance to do so than when you’re slightly ill.

As a party host, I wish people wouldn’t miss because of the common cold. About 75% of couples who do not show up at one event, also miss the follow-up event. Usually, something more serious pops up and prevents them from attending. So they miss the first party because of a cold and miss the second one because their child is ill, etc. The next thing they know, they not only lost their money, but it’s been months since they’ve partied.

I’m curious. Have you ever attended an event with a cold? Have you ever purposely skipped an event because of a common cold? Has anyone at an event ever told you they were ill?