It’s Saturday night, and you have a hotel date with your dream partner.

You’re going to order room service, have a few glasses of wine, and spend the evening having fantastic sex.

Your date arrives with a bottle of wine and proudly tells you they bought it from a homeless man on the way over.

“You what?” 

“Yeah, I was about to walk into the liquor store, and this man said he could sell me a bottle for $5 less.”

“But where did he make it?!” 

Your date replies, “Gee, I don’t know. Probably in the alley. Who cares? At least I saved $5!”

You would question your partner’s sanity. Who would buy something made in the street without any health regulations to save a few dollars? Yet many men in the United States do this with ED medications. 

They buy illegal, and often dangerous ED medications simply to save a few dollars per year. Bootleg medications come in professional-looking packaging, but they are made for the illicit drug trade in makeshift laboratories with the same level of cleanliness as a truck stop bathroom.

Illegal drug makers don’t care about your physical or sexual health. 

These drugs can contain things like drywall dust and latex paint and the active ingredients are inconsistent.

Your head may hurt.

Your cock may not work.

Or you may end up hospitalized.

Who knows? It depends on the skill and morals of an illegal drug maker in a developing nation.

The bottom line is this: if you get ED meds any way but through a prescription and USA pharmacy, they’re not safe. 

Most importantly, even when they’re made legally, ED medications can be dangerous for some men. 

Our medical team denies about 10% of the prescriptions requested through Shameless Care because the drugs could be dangerous for those patients. 

Thank God those men tried to get a prescription instead of buying drugs from a friend at a party. 

Shameless Care medications are about $30 per month. That includes the medical consultation, prescription, shipping, and tax. If your prescription is denied, we’ll refund your money.

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Life is too precious. 

Make the switch today.