We are considering shutting off the registration form at noon on the day of the event. Here are two examples why.

Example 1:
A few months back, my phone rings right when the doors open for the night’s party. The caller said he had a ticket to the night’s event, but couldn’t find the directions. I explained where the party information was on the ticket, but he couldn’t find it. After a few minutes of discussion, I finally asked him to read me what his ticket said. It turns out; he didn’t have a ticket, he had the PDF download on consensual non-monogamy that anyone can download from the site for free.

We weren’t sold out, so I explained how to purchase a ticket. He tried and said the form wasn’t working. I tried it on my end, and it was working. He tried again and again, but couldn’t figure out how to make a purchase with his credit card. I finally asked him to have someone help him, like a neighbor, and he purchased a ticket.

When they showed up, we smelled the marijuana smoke before they even got to the desk. It felt like they had been smoking all day and the entire way to the club. I’m not anti-pot at all, but it was instantly clear that these two were in no shape to drive and why they thought a 20-page downloadable PDF ebook was a ticket to an event.

Example 2: Last Friday, a couple arrived and refused to show their Identification. He told the people at the front desk that the host had “personally invited him” so he didn’t need his Identification. I go to the front desk and do not recognize this person at all.

I ask for his Identification, and he said they didn’t bring it. After I told him that I will not allow them entry, he says, “nowhere on the website does it say anything about identification!” I show him where it states that (in several places actually) and even where he checked a box indicating that he had read it.

They registered at 8:00 pm the night of the party, possibly already full of liquid courage and a willingness to try to lie their way into the Young Couples Party event or just didn’t read anything.

Over the years, I’ve learned that many people who make spur of the moment decisions to attend a swinger party for the first time are trouble.

I only want attendees who have studied the website carefully and are serious and methodical about their attendance. We send new couples an individual email, full of great information, and even informational, instructional videos. We can’t do that when someone is four drinks in at the local Applebees and buys a ticket 30-minutes after the party started.

Most YCP events sell out, so hopefully this rarely happens. However, when an event doesn’t sell out, we are desperate for revenue. Our party costs are the same regardless of the number of attendees, and our final price tier is $83 per couple.

We need to sell all of those $83 tickets to balance out. So shutting down a form hours before the event when we need the revenue isn’t something to take lightly.

However, knuckleheads may force our hand, unfortunately.