Of all the newsletter emails we’ve ever sent, the ones with anything to do with “STDs” in the subject line having the highest open rate. It’s one of those things where the “silent majority” is easy to overlook. People already in the lifestyle have conquered their fears of STDs and it’s easy to assume that everyone else has too. However, I’m convinced that for every couple at a club, there are ten who are intrigued by the idea but too terrified of STDs to attend.

That’s why i’m sharing two studies with you today.

This one shows that people in “consensually non-monogamous” relationships do not have higher rates of STDs than the general population despite many more sexual partners. Why? Because “swingers” almost always use condoms, and are regularly tested.

This one shows that the risks of contracting HIV is so low amount your typical swinger sex that it’s not even worse discussing.

First, let’s discuss what the CDC considers an “exposure” for this study. An exposure is unprotected sex with an HIV positive person. So most swingers are never going to have a single “exposure” by this definition.

The exposure rate for receptive penile/vagina sex is 8/10,000. That means if 10,000 women had unprotected sex with 10,000 HIV positive men…roughly 8 would become infected.

Did that just blow your mind? If so, that’s because you were taught sex education from an “abstinence” point of view. That is – sex is bad, and if you have sex, you’ll get AIDS and die. Which is ridiculous.