I’m going to paraphrase Dr. Phil for a moment. God, help me.

Dr. Phil once said that we all need pain and anxiety in our lives. If we are numb to hurt, we will end up in a bad marriage, a bad job, or a bad business.

He used an analogy of walking to a swimming pool and stepping onto hot concrete. You’re either going to turn back or run to the pool, but you won’t stay where you are. It’s just too painful.

The last six months have been brutally painful. We’ve since gotten up and sprinted to the pool, and the cold water feels perfect.

I want to thank Joe for building this fantastic website. For our budget, it is beyond our wildest dreams. I’d already heard that he has a huge cock, mansion, smoking hot wife, and priceless automobile fleet, but now I know he’s wicked smart and has the “sticktoitiveness” of a mule.

I also want to thank all of you who didn’t ask for refunds. When COVID struck, I hadn’t paid myself yet in 2020. Parties were going super well, and I had $25,000 in the YCP checking account. Call it fate, but we ended up needing every single penny.

YCP would be dead had more people demanded refunds. I’m so humbled that you trusted me to hold onto your money for six months.

If we still owe you money for Glow or Dirty Disney, give us a holler, and we will put a “store credit” on your account.

Thank you