Hey, don’t judge me. HAHA!We both travel for business a lot! So much time apart!

I’ve often had a problem with delayed ejaculation. I’m never quick, and when you add condoms and a bit of alcohol (like at a swinger party), I last way too long. Sometimes I just have to finish myself with my hand.

I’ve tried researching solutions online, but can’t seem to get past the endless websites dedicated to selling men a cure to premature ejaculation.

Now for a while I had completely stopped masturbating. That actually did help to sensitize me and was beginning to cure my problem. The problem was that I have a very strong sex drive, and I just couldn’t deal with not being able to release. In the end I found that when sex is my only release, I start to get desperate for sex, and that can add a lot of problems to your life. Better to just “rub one out” in my hotel room and go to bed than be hitting the bar all night looking for a hook up!

I decided to order and use a fleshlight. I went ahead and got the “shower attachment” as well, that way I can just use it hands free and (hopefully) begin to rewire my brain slightly. I hope it sensitizes me (no more hand “death grip”) and gets me “firing” from only using my hips.

I hope that someday at a party I finish so quickly that I’m forced to apologize to the unfortunate young woman. That would seem like quite a “win” in my book. 🙂

Has anyone else ever had the problem with delayed ejaculation? If so, have you tried to do anything about it?