We will be holding four Sexy, Sunny, Saturday (SSS) events this summer. Watch this Youtube video if you are not familiar.

The dates are tentatively
June 13
July 11
July 25
August 22

The price would be $200. That comes to $50 each ($25 per person).
Even if you could only make three out of four, that would still only be $67 ($33.50 per-person) per-event. Ticket prices for non-package purchasers would be $96 per-event, per-couple.

Additionally, you’d receive three coupons worth $10 each for summer nighttime events. You’d also have access to all of the summer nighttime events, even if they are sold out.” That’s something we’ve never offered before.

You will make three recurring payments via Paypal. The first one on March 1st, the second one on April 1st, the third one on May 1st. A payment plan is also something we’ve never offered before. We know $200 at once can be a tough pill to swallow.

Those payments would be for $66.66 each and are automatic.
If you’ve never attended YCP before, you are not eligible.

This deal ends Monday at noon.

If you indicate your interest, we will be counting on you following through and paying. So please do not make this commitment lightly. If you’re ready to take advantage of this offer, contact us by email. Use the “contact us” page and provide both of your names, the last ycp party you attended and a valid email. Too often people type their email in incorrectly and we cannot reply.