10:00 doors open
11:45 pizza arrives
1:00 *guess your partner by his cock/her breast competition
2:00 **yoga
3:00 ***blowjob competition

*The Guess Your Partner By His Cock/Her Breast competition is quite simple. Couples must enter the competition together. First, all ladies line up in a row and the first male contestant is blindfolded and led down the line of ladies, feeling each lady’s breasts. He must choose his wife/girlfriend simply by the feel of her breasts. Then the next contestant, etc.

When it’s “his cock” its the same thing in reverse. The men line up, and the ladies must find their partner simply by the feel of his manly parts.

**Yoga is pretty straightforward.

***Blowjob Competition. Two people. Someone has to give a blowjob and someone has to receive a blowjob. Could be a man and a woman or two men. Whatever. Just not a woman with a stap-on because people will vote for the sheer novelty of it.

Lasts five minutes

Three prizes
*Best overall performance (voted on by three judges)..free party.
*Another random participant wins a free party.
*Any couple that can “finish” in five minutes wins 50% off a party.

So two free parties and possibly more given away during that competition!