Someone recently asked me if I receive questions about the racial breakdown of YCP attendees. The person was wondering if we have caucasians asking about the racial demographic because they didn’t want to party with people of color.

I told him we receive many questions about race, but they are always from a person wanting to make sure there would be other people like themselves in attendance. For example, we receive a lot of questions from Indian immigrants asking if there are other Indian immigrants in attendance.

Maybe they are worried about being discriminated against, or maybe they are trying to hook up with people who have a similar set of life experiences as them. Either way, we try to give them accurate information and let them make their own decision.

We’ve never once received a question from a white person that made me wonder if they were a racist, etc. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever received a question about race from a white person at all.

We do receive questions from people who doubt that anyone there is hot enough for them, but that’s another blog post altogether. HAHA!