Here is why I believe you should vote for us.
Young Couple Party (YCP) has been nominated by ASN Lifestyle Magazine as the “Best Party for Millennials.”
Here are some facts that we hope will convince you to vote for YCP.
What is YCP
YCP is a lifestyle event in the Chicago suburbs open to couples and single females between the ages of 21-42. Both members of a pair must be between that age range.
Why limit the ages?
For most people, attending a swinger club for the first time is scary. That’s true for everyone when they start, and most people do not even begin the lifestyle until their 40’s! Now imagine what it’s like to be 21-30 years old and attending for the first time?
In the “vanilla” world, we both work in public policy. We know that to get an under-represented group to an event, you have to hold an event for only that group. For example, if you want first-generation immigrants to attend a meeting about vaccinations, you don’t just open the event to the general public and expect new immigrants to attend. Instead, if you value the attendance of that group, you hold a meeting just for them, and specifically, invite them.
In Cook County, Illinois, “20 and 30-somethings” outnumber “40 and 50 somethings” by a ratio of 2/1. However, at practically all lifestyle events in the Chicagoland area, the exact inverse of that was true. There were far more people in their 40’s and 50’s. This again proves, that simply because something is “open” to everyone doesn’t mean that everyone feels welcome.
Over 700 new couples will attend YCP in 2019 alone. Most of those young couples are brand new to the lifestyle. We’re convinced, based upon the demographics of Chicagoland clubs before YCP, that virtually none of these young couples would have attended an event otherwise.
Website language
If you look at our website homepage, you’ll see that we do not discuss how amazing we are. Most clubs and parties waste their homepage bragging about themselves. New couples, however, care about their story as a couple. They, as a couple, want to feel hot and excited; they do not care how hot or exciting a promoter finds their own event.
To that end, we have a few resources available for download for free on our website. One is an E-book titled “Consensual Non-Monogamy.” We hired two Ph.D.’s from to write this booklet for anyone who happens upon our website. There is also another E-book available titled “Lauren and Jason’s First Time,” which takes couples through another couple’s first visit to the club.
The parties’ pricing is also friendly to young couples. Our ticket prices begin at only $43 per couple, and there isn’t a membership fee.
Event itself
The events themselves feature speed dating, of which everyone participates. Speed dating is a great way to reduce cliques and help even the biggest wallflowers meet ten couples at each event. A lot of clubs try speed dating, but I believe YCP is the only event that has made it mandatory and a regular part of each event. We speed date from 9:30 to 10:10 pm at each event. You can see how that occurs by watching this short instructional video.
Finally, we pride ourselves on how we communicate, especially with new couples. Each new pair receives an email with 1000 words and five links. That email originates from a system that identifies who has opened it, and who hasn’t. It even tells us what links were clicked and read. So if anyone misses the email or skims it, we send it again. If they still do not see the email, we send them a text reminder. Etc. Everyone shows up knowing everything about the event.
There are instructional videos for the various parts of the evening.
The bottom line is, our mission is to get young couples attending clubs and parties. That’s our sole purpose. A lot of local swingers have wrongfully accused of us trying to keep “old people out” but we’re simply trying to get “young people in.”
Please vote for us. We’d appreciate it.