“I hear you have a pencil-dick!”

When I was 19 years old, I heard that dozens of times in my small hometown. I’d broken up with a girl who didn’t take it well. Even though she was a virgin when we’d met, she decided to spread this rumor about me because….well it was the meanest thing she could think of. My friends would say that to me and then laugh their asses off. I tried to play it off, but since I’d only seen my own cock hard at the time, I wondered if it were true.

Fast forward to the lifestyle, and I still had concerns. I distinctly remember sliding into a woman who wasn’t my spouse and wondering if she was satisfied with my size. I hadn’t been with another woman in years, and this was so exciting. Yet, through that cloud of excitement, “you have a pencil dick” still came through.

Now with 11 years of lifestyle experience, I know it was all nonsense.

In those years I’ve had unknown numbers of new sexual partners. I’ve been to, and hosted, hundreds of lifestyle events. I’ve spent weeks and weeks at Hedonism¬†2 where everyone is naked most of the time. After a while, you realize that cocks are like noses. Sure there are some outliers that you notice, but 99% are so close to the same that no one really cares.

Perhaps more surprising than learning that God made cocks by hitting “copy/paste” a few billion times, is finding out that most women do not want something that’s abnormally large. There are “size queens” out there, but I can assure you that there are 100 women terrified of large cocks for every woman who demands them.

Turns out I’m not alone on this. We recently conducted a survey amongst our YCP Facebook group.

65% of YCP men used to worry about their penis size.

60% of YCP men feel better about their penis size after entering the swinger lifestyle.

So if you or your partner are worried about penis size and it’s keeping you from attending a swinger party, I have two things to tell you.

#1. Your dick is fine.

#2. Attending events will convince you that the above statement is true.