We all have different opinions on politics and the decisions that politicians make, like going to war. I do not know if the wars in Afghanistan or Iraq were the right decision. I’m just a guy running a swinger party, not a national security expert.

What I do know is that  2,000,000 Americans served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Of those, 52,272 came home injured, many permanently, and 6713 came home dead. No one knows the number of people struggling with PTSD or other complications of their service.

No matter if you consider yourself a “hawk” or a “dove,” these numbers are real, and no one’s feelings about those conflicts can change it.

There is one way you can help. Young Couples Party’s annual “Military Appreciation” party raises money to help veterans in crisis.

Last year a Marine led a toast to the fallen. The many veterans there took turns saying the name of a friend who didn’t return home, and we had a drink in their honor. Then the veterans took a seat, and some friendly ladies gave them lapdances.

Everyone brought cash and “tipped” the ladies’ by tossing money at them while they danced. The women competed against each other, and the one who had the most tips won a prize basket. Then we collected the tip money, counted it, and donated it. Cash covered the entire floor, and it was a memorable ceremony!

We are going to do the same thing on November 15th, and hope to raise $1000 for the Gary Sinise Foundation, which helps veterans in crisis. Donating money at the event is optional, and because people are just throwing it on the floor, no one knows who gave or how much. So if money is tight, you won’t be “charity shamed.”

The theme is straightforward. You can wear something green, tan or camo and fit right in. The great thing about a party like this is the flexibility it provides. You no doubt already have something green that makes you look terrific.

We always receive a lot of questions about this event. Here are a few answers.

Q: I never served in the military, can we come?
A: Yes! Most of the people in attendance will be non-veterans.

Q: How do we dress for this?
A: Wear something green, tan, camo, or anything else related to “military.” Use your imagination!

Q: I’m a veteran, but I’m unsure if I’ll want to be recognized?
A: You’re welcome to watch the ceremony or to be a part of it. You can decide that night.

Q: I’d like to donate to YCP’s efforts with the Foundation, but can’t make the party.
A: Reply, and I’ll send you a link to the Foundation, and you can make a donation yourself.