I’m a confident man, yet I drink alcohol at parties to boost my positive self-image. I’m an energetic man, yet I drink coffee to get myself going in the morning. To me, using an E.D. medication to boost my sexual performance is the same thing. I don’t need it, but it helps, so why not?

The “little blue pill” spent over 1 billion dollars on advertising over two decades. All of those ads featured older gentlemen. Their target demographic were men over 60, and for a good reason, they were charging $40 a dose.

20 years and over a billion dollars were spent brainwashing you into thinking:

A. These drugs are for older men.

B. These drugs are for men with “erectile dysfunction.”

Bluechew has approached all of this differently. First, they’ve lowered the price from $40 per dose down to around $4.00 per dose. They are marketing directly to men just like you, young men who can perform without it, but who would like to perform better. One YCP member, for example, enjoys Bluechew because he can have sex several times in a row as opposed to once. The point is that the 86 men who have Bluechew can function without it, but they perform better with it.

Penetration isn’t everything, and sometimes it just isn’t your day. I’m not “erection shaming” the dozens of men who struggle at every party. I want to let you know how much the medication helps because most of you have never used it. Men are reading this who struggle and just haven’t ordered yet. I’m talking to those guys.

We have 86 men who have subscribed, but there are probably 2000 men who occasionally attend Y.C.P. The 86 who have ordered would all agree with me…fucking order it already.

P.S., I get asked for samples all the time. Bluechew is a pharmaceutical, and it requires a prescription. Bluechew gives you a prescription online. I cannot hand out pharmaceuticals to people as samples, because that’s against the law.

P.S.S., an internet troll sent us a message blasting us for selling Bluechew. We sell Bluechew for two reasons.

A. It improves the events and people’s lives. We rarely have drama at our parties, but when we do, often it begins with performance anxiety. Someone watching their wife gets fucked for the first time is hard; it’s even harder when their cock is playing dead. If I had my way, every man would order Bluechew before their first event.

B. These parties are expensive. It costs a lot more to operate than $40 and $50 per couple, which many of you pay. I’ll spare you the details, but we spend hundreds of dollars more per month on credit card fees than any other business would with the same level of transactions. It’s all fine. I’m not complaining, but sometimes people act as if money isn’t required to run these events. Sadly, it is. In 2016, 2017 and 2018 YCP lost money. We aren’t going to allow it to do so anymore.

Instead of charging for V.I.P. tables, preferred parking, annual or monthly memberships or any of the other things that other events do, we’ve decided to push our affiliate partners to raise revenue. We believe this to be a mutually beneficial arrangement. It helps you and YCP. As soon as you get your Bluechew, you’ll know why.

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