A while back, I blogged about reducing the amount of alcohol I drink at parties. You can read why here (link).
This weekend we had the opportunity to attend an out-of-state event as guests, not hosts. It was the perfect opportunity to practice the mostly-sober lifestyle.

I’d pre-measured out four ounces of vodka, which is roughly 2.5 “drinks.”. That may sound like a lot to some people, but my old pre-measured amount was 12 ounces, so this is quite a reduction. I’m sure the alcohol had an affect at that dose, but I did not feel “buzzed,” much less drunk.

My wife and I each had a drink and began to walk the room. We walked up to a couple. After a brief conversation, I told them that they were attractive. I said we were looking for sex and asked them what they were looking for at the club that night. After about 15-minutes of chatting, I complimented the woman again and said we’d let them get back to their conversation but to approach us later in the night if they wanted to continue the discussion.

I was rather impressed that I did all of that sober and felt more confident than when I’m “buzzed.”

We circled the room a bit and then danced with each other for a few songs.

(Side story, I had such crippling anxiety around dancing that I refused to dance at our wedding. About ten years ago, I decided to “fix” my fear by hiring a private dance teacher at $50.00 per hour, as I was too nervous about taking a group dance class. After about $1000 worth of lessons, the teacher told me I was too worried, and she couldn’t help me! Ever since then, I’ve been relying on alcohol to help me dance.)

So when I not only found myself dancing but dancing confidently, I was also quite pleased with myself.

Then we happened upon a lovely couple and started chatting with them. I respectfully flirted. I asked before I touched, and she said yes, so I put my hand on her back to let her know I was interested. Things progressed. I found myself feeling so confident and hungry for this woman.

The most significant difference was the ability to focus. Drunk, I probably would have wandered off and complimented some random man on his shoes, leaving both my wife and this woman confused.

We take it to a playroom, and this is where sobriety was paying off. When she took me into her mouth, I immediately knew that if this continued for a couple of minutes that I would orgasm. I never feel that way during oral sex. Then when I entered her, it felt life-changingly perfect, even with the condom. “Buzzed,” I would have hardly felt anything wearing a condom.

Just like last time, there were times when I found myself wanting another drink. Since I didn’t bring any extra, the temptation was easy to ignore.

We had a great night and were back at the hotel by midnight. I woke up at 6:30 am the next morning. I felt great and even went for a run halfway through the drive home.

I’m unsure what my next step is. Maybe I continue with a “three drink” maximum, or perhaps I continue to taper it down? I realize that as I drink less, “three drinks” will begin to affect me more.

Have any of you ever changed the amount of alcohol you consume? Does anyone have experience swinging drunk and sober? I’d love to hear from some of you.