I polled our members about Covid vaccination.

76% of YCP members have received the Covid-19 vaccination. That’s three times the state average of 20%.

This is no surprise to me. The rumors regarding naughty nurses and teachers are true, and most YCP females are essential front-line or education workers, vaccinated many weeks ago.

However, what’s interesting to me is that some of them are not returning to events, and some have told me that they are still concerned about COVID-19.

Today, I saw some data from world-renowned pollster Nate Silver. It shows that 54% of people who have already vaccinated are still very or somewhat concerned about catching COVID-19. Only 29% of people who refuse to be vaccinated are concerned.

What does this mean, and how did this happen? Even after the CDC announced that vaccinated people are not spreading COVID and that the vaccines have proven to be very good at eliminating major health complications from COVID, many people are still choosing to essentially shelter-in-place.

What will it take to encourage people to begin enjoying the activities they once enjoyed?

What percentage of our population will never return to living the way they once did?

What are your thoughts?