If you have a specific style that you feel great about, then this blog post isn’t for you.

For example, Post Malone has a style. It’s purposeful. He’s thought it out.

However, if you find yourself going out in tennis shoes, t-shirts and jeans simply because that’s what your mother dressed you in when you were in elementary school, and you’ve just never moved on, then you don’t really have a style. This can help you.

I grew up in a trailer house in the middle of nowhere. I don’t think I wore anything but a t-shirt at any point in my youth except on prom night. For shoes I either wore cowboy boots or tennis shoes.

I remember when I got to college, I always felt self-conscious walking around campus. I knew I wasn’t wearing what everyone else was wearing, but I also didn’t like what everyone else was wearing either. I’d see the clothing on the mannequins at the mall and think “what a douche.” So I didn’t like what I was wearing and I also didn’t like the specific style being pushed on 19-20 year olds at the time either.

I was completely lost, and just wanted someone to TELL ME what to buy and wear. Yet I struggled on.

Post-graduation I remember dressing for interviews and business meetings feeling ridiculous. I still had no idea what to wear or buy, relying entirely on the other young person working retail at whatever mall store I could afford. Even when I did have something appropriate for the situation, I felt self conscious because I had so little experience in it. I was a bundle of anxiety about clothing.

The good news is that men’s fashion is not anything at all like women’s fashion. For example, a good blazer will still look great 20 years from now. Whereas women’s fashion not only goes out of style faster, but they often gain and lose weight more dramatically then men. Like practically everything else in life, it’s just easier for men.

So if you invest some time learning, and less money than you think, you could dramatically change your wardrobe, and potentially your entire life.

I’d like to point you to the very best resource that I’ve found online.

Real Men Real Style (link in image)

He has an aggressive email list, sales funnel and etc., to get you into his online course. However, there is more than enough free content on his site to help you without ever paying a dime.

I’d ignore his sales pitches and really dig into his information. He can walk you through everything dealing with classic men’s fashion.

To borrow a tagline you’ve no doubt heard before in commercials, “you’re going to like the way you look.”