Most couples that attend an event have the time of their lives and cannot wait to return. That said, some couples do have relationship friction at a party. Here are the three most common causes of drama and how you can avoid them.


As Homer Simpson said, “To alcohol, the cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems!”

While alcohol lowers your inhibitions and improves your mood, it’s a double-edged sword. Like any other drug, dosing is critical, and that’s where people’s nights go wrong. They aren’t tracking their consumption and over-serve themselves.

Think carefully about how much you’d like to drink at the event and only bring that amount. We use a food scale to measure out the maximum amount we’d like to consume at an event.

If you purchase your alcohol on the way to the event, you’re probably bringing an entire handle, fifth or 12 pack into the building. Again, figure out how much you’d like to consume and pour the rest into the sink. That sounds wasteful, but drinking too much is going to ruin your night and possibly even your life.

Performance Anxiety

The men at our party are young. So when the pressure of a party suddenly rips away their invincibility, it can begin a swirl of confusion and embarrassment that quickly spins itself into anger.

When we see two couples enter a playroom and one pair leaves in conflict a short time later, we already know what happened. His cock didn’t work, and the embarrassment turned to anger. She’s upset not because of his inability to perform, but because of the way he’s reacting to it. It happens frequently, and it’s easily avoidable.

If you compare our website to any other lifestyle event, you already know how different we are. Our website copy and resources educate young and nervous couples about events. YCP’s only focus is on getting more young couples to attend lifestyle events. If we wanted to make money, we wouldn’t limit our sales to what is a tiny fraction of swingers (ages 21-42).

That’s why I’m not afraid to say this, grounded in the confidence that our attendees know how sincere we are.

It would be best if you were taking an ED medication, and that ED medication should be Bluechew.

Viagra and Cialis are now available in generic form, and that’s what Bluechew is. You’ve probably heard their advertisements or ones from their competitors like Forhims or Roman.

You should choose Bluechew because they wanted to work with us. Most businesses feel that associating with a swinger club harms their reputation. We reached out to several of Bluechew’s competitors and were turned down for that reason. Bluechew was happy to work with us, and for that, they will always have our respect.

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Being too close with another couple

Sex is harmless fun. Love is not.

Unless you’re a sociopath, having fantastic sex with the same person over and over again will create an emotional connection.

I love polyamory. We have a large poly subset at YCP events. However, the decision to have a relationship transition to a poly one should be intentional; it shouldn’t be because you’re bad at swinging! ☺

Two couples meet at an event. They have amazing sex. The next weekend they get together again, then the following weekend, etc. A relationship is created organically. Eventually, one of the four of them is tired of it and breaks it off.

This has led to divorce.

This has led to both couples exiting YCP for fear the other will be there.

Our best advice is to keep swinging casual. We adopted a rule that has helped us. We do not have sex with the same couple two times in a row. We have the same playmates time and time again, but we make sure other experiences are in-between. That has helped us keep things light and fun.


If you limit alcohol, use an ED drug and keep things casual, you’ll most likely find the swinger lifestyle to be much fun. You know, as compared to being drunk, impotent and heartbroken. HA! Keep swinging.